NURS 2390 Clinical in Alternate Settings

NURS 2390 Clinical in Alternate Settings

NURS 2390 Clinical in Alternate Settings 150 150 Peter

NURS 2390 Clinical in Alternate Settings

Community Health /Public Health Nursing Assignment

Purpose: To allow students to observe the provision of nursing care delivered in settings outside the traditional hospital, clinic, and long-term care settings.

Answer these questions for your assignment:

1. Identify characteristics of the population that is served in this community setting.

2. Evaluate how respect for ethnic identity and socio-cultural diversity is conveyed in this setting.

3. Analyze how national safety goals are implemented in the community setting that you observed.

4. Describe how infection control principles are utilized at this community setting.

5. Describe how the registered nurse functions as a provider of care, manager of population groups and case management within the discipline of nursing in the community setting.

6. Determine potential health education needs based on your assessment of this client/family/community.

7. Explain how the information found in a current (in the last 4 years) nursing journal could be utilized in the community setting you observed.

8. Analyze your feelings and attitudes about providing nursing care in the community setting.

Student Guidelines:

Read site specific information regarding time to arrive, where to meet, what to wear, and any special requirements for a particular facility.

Spend eight hours with the registered nurse at that community site.

Complete a paper that answers the objectives. You must type the paper, double space. You may either write a formal paper, or answer each learning objective individually. You must write out the answers using proper grammar and punctuation. You must include the date of the experience, site where you observed, and name and credentials of the registered nurse you followed. Include a reference list in APA format and also cite within the writing using APA format.

Refer to the grading rubric for this assignment.

The instructor at your LTC clinical rotation is responsible for grading this assignment. Please place your paper in the assignment for your LTC clinical instructor in NURs 2390.