NUR445 Week 1 Discussion

NUR445 Week 1 Discussion

NUR445 Week 1 Discussion 150 150 Peter

NUR445 Week 1 Discussion

Step 1: Consider what change you would like to initiate that will benefit the healthcare community.

Discuss how you plan to facilitate making contact with a nurse leader and post a draft change project that will impact quality improvement as a narrative for students and faculty to review.

I would like to focus on split bowel prep for colon.
Make an improvement in colonoscopy quality by improving bowel preparation Standardize patient education for split- dose bowel preparation Deliver provider education for split-dose bowel preparation Recommend evidence-based split-dose bowel preparation Improve bowel preparation quality

Sample Paper

NUR445 Week 1 Discussion

Change is defined as undoing the current behaviours, teaching the new ones, and then guaranteeing new behaviours become new norms. The steps to execute change in healthcare take that change itself to consider and provide change managers tools to aid in making it occur.

In healthcare, the change to be initiated should, at all costs, be of help to the healthcare community. In relation to initiating a project focused on split bowel prep for the colon, there must be an ideal contact with the nurse leader. I thus plan to facilitate this contact by first maintaining respect. Respect is a key aspect to remember, the most basic yet efficient means of facilitating excellent contact. Thus, I will treat the nurse leader with the same courtesy I would expect from them. Secondly, I plan to practice effective communication. I will communicate with the leader honestly and professionally, conveying my views and concerns while listening to their points of view (Jantzen.,2019). I will be remembering that the art of effective communication means listening as much as speaking. Besides, I will facilitate contact with the nurse leader by showing trust. This may be attained readily by constantly fulfilling my responsibilities and delivering them on time.

With the contact, I will enhance the colonoscopy quality by improving bowel preparation. Improving the bowel preparation is essential since it is a key element of diagnostic yield of the colonoscopies concerning adenoma or polyp detection rates since the rate of polyp detection is negatively affected when the bowel preparation is poor following reduced visualization. I will also be able to standardize the patient education and deliver provider education for split-dose bowel preparation. This education will be necessary to the patient and provider since lower education levels can negatively impact Bowel Preparation quality. I will correspondingly easily recommend evidence-based split-dose bowel preparation to afford the most efficient care that’s available, with the aim of refining patient outcomes. According to Menees, Kim & Schoenfeld (2018), split bowel prep for the colon involves patients taking a portion of the laxative evening before the colonoscopy and another half on colonoscopy day. Thus, with the nurse leader contact, I will lead a transaction that will help improve the bowel preparation quality, impacting quality improvement and benefiting the overall healthcare community.



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