NUR445 Week 1 Discussion Rebuttal

NUR445 Week 1 Discussion Rebuttal

NUR445 Week 1 Discussion Rebuttal 150 150 Peter

NUR445 Week 1 Discussion Rebuttal

Please add to the discussion in your peer responses with informative responses, instead of posts similar to “great idea! I really agree with you.”

Each response needs to have a citation

Step 2:  Read other students posts and respond to at least two of them by Sunday at 11:59 pm MT.  Respond by posting two suggestions, strategies, or ideas that could be useful in assisting your peers with their project plan.

POST 1 (Mary)

Change initiative for the healthcare community

The change program that I would like to initiate that will benefit the healthcare community is specified short course training programs that will go a long way in improving retention and increasing the morale of the healthcare sector. The training will create a positive, competent, and motivated healthcare community that will improve patient satisfaction and profitability of their practice (Spinelli et al., 2019). In addition, I plan to contact the nurse leader by being willing to initiate discussions about the department, foster interdisciplinary communication, and demonstrate. In this regard, a draft change project that will impact the quality improvement of the health community members will include; first, having a safe care patient-centred checklist will be an intervention that will promote safe and high-quality practices that would improve patient outcomes. Second, the initiative will focus on quality improvement and person-centeredness, which will utilize a test of the ‘Always event’ concept, a method within healthcare settings where one identifies the care issues and encourages the health providers to focus on the problems. Thirdly, the plan includes improving order sets, leading to creating a standards process that will increase quality and utilization.

Other project elements include:

  • The implementation and improvement of the pediatric assessment clinic.
  • Modification of the impact of the interdisciplinary rounds.
  • Improvement of consistency and efficiency.


Spinelli, C., Wisener, M., & Khoury, B. (2019). Mindfulness training for healthcare professionals and trainees: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 120, 29-38.


POST 2 (Sueann)

Week 1 Discussion: Brainstorming Change Project

The change I would like to see is the increased use of biometric devices in the local community. Patient empowerment is a major focus of current healthcare technology trends. Wearable biometric devices that offer patients with information about their own health, as well as telemedicine apps, have made it easier for patients to get care no matter where they live (Olivier, 2021). Patients will be able to take a more active role in their care as new technology focused on monitoring, research, and healthcare availability become available.

In order to establish WBDs on a community level, I would assist in contacting a nurse leader. In this day and age of Covid and healthcare on demand, many people lack the means to see a doctor, and even when they do, they may not be able to provide the doctor with accurate information such as their B/P, heart rate, blood sugar, and so on. Patients will benefit from having WBDs on, but precise findings for the doctor can be obtained as well.

Olivier, L. (2021, July 26). How wearable devices empower healthcare providers. MedCity News. (Links to an external site.)

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NUR445 Week 1 Discussion Rebuttal

Post 1

Great discussion Mary. A change program is a set of projects whose purpose is to help an institution, including healthcare, change its processes and working methods, amongst other things. Change programs are essential in healthcare as they help in reducing costs. Whenever a positive change is applied correctly, it helps reduce waste and thus reduce costs. Effective change management aids a healthcare organization make appropriate choices. It increases productivity, reduces risks, and helps improve the profitability of that particular organization. Generally, a change program is required to benefit health care in the community. I support your point that short course training programs help benefit healthcare in the community by improving retention and increasing the healthcare sector’s self-esteem. Short course training programs are courses that differ in length between 3 and 6 months. One key thing concerning a successful change initiative is accepting that change is a process and taking it step by step providing a significant amount of time to deliver excellent outcomes (Steager 2017).


Steager. (2017, October 30). Six keys to a successful change initiative. Hyperion Research.