(Answered)NSG 321 – Advanced Leadership and Management

(Answered)NSG 321 – Advanced Leadership and Management

(Answered)NSG 321 – Advanced Leadership and Management 150 150 Prisc

NSG 321 – Advanced Leadership and Management

This course uses theoretical frameworks in critical thinking strategies to study the coordinating role of the profession nurse within the healthcare delivery system.  Current theories of leadership and management in relation to nursing practice.

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Leadership and Management Concepts in Nursing


In nursing field, a leader may not be a manager and a manager may not be a leader. The concept of leadership and management differs in that management involves having a position of power in the organizations ranking while leadership involves having a capability to have an impact on others through good interpersonal and communication skills (Finkelman, 2012). A nurse manager has power to take control over various operations, the power to make important decisions in an institution, and is assigned with specific responsibilities. A nurse leader may not be recognized in the ranking on the institution. Leadership and management concepts differ in their functions.

Management and leadership overlap in most cases since they need each other to function well. Some managers who do not have leadership skills need leaders to help in coordinating. A leader who is not a manager may point out a healthcare issue but does not have the authority to implement it, such a leader needs the manager to help in solving the issue (Tomey, 2009). Most projects in a healthcare facility require leaders for proper coordination, however, there are issues that a leader cannot deal with. For example, provision of resources. Leadership and management concepts always overlap in their operations. In fact, most facilities prefer having managers who can lead and leaders who can manage. In some organizations, leaders are given top positions in organizations management. Most directors have both leadership and management duties. Both leaders and managers should idealistic intellectuals. They should have the ability to impact others through their values, morals, and motivation. They also require perfect skills in conflict resolution and dealing with many priorities. As a leader, influence is expanded through doing the right thing. Listening skills, critical thinking skills, and proper coping skills are paramount for a nurse leader. These skills help a nurse leader to cope in all environments. To make a difference in the nursing profession, one needs to understand politics, read nursing articles and journals, and be involved in lifelong education to improve professional skills.


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