(Answered) NR 439 Week 4 Assignment Research Database

(Answered) NR 439 Week 4 Assignment Research Database

(Answered) NR 439 Week 4 Assignment Research Database 150 150 Prisc

NR 439 Week 4 Assignment Research Database

Guidelines and Grading Rubric
You are to locate and document research databases that relate to a significant clinical nursing issue of your choice. The research databases may be labeled as such, or may be collections of research studies, reports, articles and/or findings that are not specifically called databases. Please note: Individual journals and journal articles do not meet the criteria for a research database, and therefore, do not qualify for this assignment.

Sample Answer

In recent years, evidence-based practice has been at the center of enhancing patient care and safe patient care practices through appropriate decision-making. The implication is that nurses must be knowledgeable enough to locate appropriate evidence that can be used to facilitate the best possible care for the patient in question. However, novice nurses can find it challenging to identify the relevant evidence to address particular diseases they are unfamiliar with (Grove & Gray, 2018). The nurse indicated that unfamiliarity with surgery-related Guillain-Barré syndrome is a rare condition that sometimes can be overlooked. Therefore, the purpose of this assignment is to explore relevant and credible databases that can be used to retrieve the information needed as far as this condition is concerned. Communication strategies that can be used between a senior nurse and newly trained nurses for the appropriate diagnosis will also be explored.

The Appropriate Communication Strategies

Communication is key in every setting; therefore, it is not different in this scenario. In most cases, the senior nurse serves as a mentor and therefore has the responsibility of giving the newly trained nurse a better perspective of approaching a specific problem. As such, effective communication can be in creating an enabling environment where the nurse can thrive, be more confident, and be more effective (Hagqvist et al., 2020). One of the communications strategies that can be used is active listening. The senior nurse has to listen to any concerns of the newly trained nurse to understand the concern and help out. They need to encourage feedbacks which will be key to enhancing healthy two-way communication (Hagqvist et al., 2020). There should also be a show of respect when communicating with the newly trained nurse to enhance understanding. This will enable the nurse to learn compassion, respect, and empathy while offering patient care.