NMHS32360 CPD EBP & Research Champions

NMHS32360 CPD EBP & Research Champions

NMHS32360 CPD EBP & Research Champions 150 150 Peter

NMHS32360 CPD EBP & Research Champions

Academic Year 2021/2022

The module will provide definitions while incorporating the steps in the Evidence-Based-Practice (EPB) process. Emphasis will be placed on asking clinical questions linked with appropriate research studies.
The structure of a well-built literature search based on ‘Problem, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome (PICO) will be addressed. The evidence incorporating specific criteria for determining the validity of a study will be appraised in the context of the participants work setting. Synthesis tables to evaluate best available evidence for practice. Implementing evidence into practice.
This program offers an opportunity to develop a culture for research through training champions as well as enhancing integration and collaboration among academic and clinical partners.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion the student will be able to:
• Analyse the process of formulating an answerable question arising from the clinical environment
• Identify key critical appraisal issues that help determine the validity of a study
• Describe the anticipated application of the sources of information to clinical encounters and to search progressively for applicable examples to support clinical decision-making
• Synthesise the skills to make and use an evidence based decision in the context of policy/practice
• Develop the information management skills that will allow both the use of evidence for individual and local contexts and encourage dissemination
• Debate the impact of evidence-based-practice and critically evaluate the utility of it in practice

Indicative Module Content:

Quality and Quantitative paradigms.
International Evidence-based Models
Research Process incorporating the PICOT and PICsS format.
Hierarchy of Evidence Debate inclusive of the various models and the House and Its linke with Comparative Effectiveness Research.
Data Analysis Pertinent to Qualitative and Quantitative Data.
Rigor Pertient to Quanitative and Qualitative Research.
Various Methodologies such as Realist Evaluation/Complex Interventions, Action Research and Delphi Studies
Various Tools to Critique Quantitative Research Versus Qualiutative Research.

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