NMHS32340 Maternal and Foetal wellbeing

NMHS32340 Maternal and Foetal wellbeing

NMHS32340 Maternal and Foetal wellbeing 150 150 Peter

NMHS32340 Maternal and Foetal wellbeing

Academic Year 2021/2022

The aim of this module is to introduce the student to the concept of maternal and infant care. The specific goals of this module are to equip the student with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively care for a woman and her baby from the pre conceptual period across the continuum to the postpartum period. This module will focus on the anatomy & physiology concerning the female reproductive tract, embryology, care and management in the first, second and third stage of normal labour and Postpartum mood disorders. Physiological adaptation of the newborn is also explored along with the care of the baby during and after birth inclusive of infant feeding. This module is also designed to assist the student to identify and manage obstetric emergencies.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion the candidate will be able to:
• Describe the anatomy and physiology related to the female reproductive system.
• Discuss pre-conceptual care
• List the signs & symptoms of pregnancy.
• Recognise and manage maternal antenatal complications.
• Discuss the care and management of a woman in the first, second and third stage of labour.
• Describe the care of the woman and her infant in the postpartum period.
• Assess, plan and implement care of the newborn or sick baby.
• Describe effective teaching of infant feeding methods.
• Identify deviation from the normal in childbirth and take appropriate and corrective actions that may include referral and the need to escalate care.

Indicative Module Content:

Unit One
Overview of Module
Terms & Abbreviations used in Midwifery & Obstetric Practice
History & philosophy of Midwifery
Definition & Role of the Midwife/Obstetric Nurse
Unit Two
The Female Reproductive System
The Menstrual Cycle & menstrual disorders
Embryology & the Fetal- Placental Unit
Contraception & STDS
Unit Three
Pre-conceptual care – (Nutrition, Exercise)
Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy
Diagnosis of pregnancy & calculating the EDD
Physiological changes in pregnancy & hyperemesis
Antenatal care, assessment, screening
Prenatal testing: Rh incompatibility, Amniocentesis, CVS, ultrasound, Biophysical profile
Abdominal palpation/ Leopold’s Manoeuvre
Antenatal Abdominal Palpation (Skills)
– Auscultation using a Pinard Stethoscope
– Auscultation using a Doptone
– Application of Cardiotocograph (CTG)/ Nonstress test

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