NMHS32130 CPD Emergency Nursing SVUH

NMHS32130 CPD Emergency Nursing SVUH

NMHS32130 CPD Emergency Nursing SVUH 150 150 Peter

NMHS32130 CPD Emergency Nursing SVUH

Academic Year 2021/2022

Emergency nursing practice is characterised by a diversity of clinical presentations which range from those requiring minimal care to those with complex or life-threatening clinical presentations or injury. In reflection of this the theoretical component of the programme consists of three learning units, Professional Practice, Nursing Assessment and Management of Acute Medical and Surgical Emergencies and Nursing Assessment and Management of the Acutely Injured Patient. The programme is designed to reflect clinical learning and also comprises of a Clinical Component. This provides the student with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to link theory with practice and to demonstrate competency in a wide variety of clinical practices encountered in the Emergency Department.

Learning Outcomes:

 Conduct a systematic holistic assessment of patient’s needs – based on nursing theory and best available evidence – with focus in the Emergency Department (ED) on symptoms and chief complaint.
 Determine priorities for care based on need, acuity, and recommended treatment time-frames, selecting and managing initial patient rescue and ongoing treatment modalities within agreed protocols in collaboration with the Multidisciplinary Team.
 Demonstrate ability to communicate clearly and effectively as a team member, and in representing all of the patient’s best interests.
 Integrate professionalism and ethical practice into all aspects of role.
 Perform nursing/specialist skills and interventions – and demonstrate sound clinical reasoning and judgements – in the implementation of planned nursing care to achieve the identified desired outcomes.
 Effectively organize and manage nursing care of the emergency patient, within the MDT
 Evaluate and appraise patient response to treatments & interventions and progress towards expected outcomes, reflecting on practice, and implementing appropriate changes to care, in collaboration with the MDT.

Indicative Module Content:

Disease and treatment related complications

Nursing assessment and management

Physical and psychological support

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