NMHS31870 CPD Endoscopy/GI Nurs MMUH

NMHS31870 CPD Endoscopy/GI Nurs MMUH

NMHS31870 CPD Endoscopy/GI Nurs MMUH 150 150 Peter

NMHS31870 CPD Endoscopy/GI Nurs MMUH

Academic Year 2021/2022

Colorectal cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Ireland with the highest incidence occurring in the 55-74yr age group. The National Cancer Screening Service (NCSS 2010) recommend the phased implementation of a population based colorectal cancer screening programme to ensure early detection and treatment of colorectal cancer. Nurses are often the first point of contact for patients and account for a very significant proportion of the healthcare workforce therefore have the potential to be instrumental in the implementation of a colorectal cancer-screening programme. This module aims to provide registered nurses with the knowledge, skills and competence to care for the patient undergoing diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy and enable them to increase their impact on improving the health and well being of the greater population.

As part of this module students must successfully undertake a clinical assessment and keep a reflective journal.

Learning Outcomes:

• Explore the registered nurses professional responsibility and accountability within the context of endoscopy nursing
• Demonstrate nursing competencies when caring for the patients pre, intra and post endoscopy
• Conduct an evidence based patient/client assessment as an approach to patient/client care
• Identify the indications, specific equipment, safe procedures and desired patient outcomes of all endoscopy procedures
• Critically analyse and evaluate the role of the nurse in relation to advances in endoscopy
• Recognise the health and safety practices and infection control principles that underpin endoscopy practice
• Critically describe the quality initiatives that impact on endoscopy practice

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