NMHS31850 CPD Cardiovascular Nursing MMUH

NMHS31850 CPD Cardiovascular Nursing MMUH

NMHS31850 CPD Cardiovascular Nursing MMUH 150 150 Peter

NMHS31850 CPD Cardiovascular Nursing MMUH

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module is designed to provide students with the theoretical foundation and clinical practice skills for entry into cardiovascular nursing. This module aims to provide students with the specialist theoretical knowledge which underpins clinical practice in the nursing care of the person with cardiovascular disease. The module also aims to facilitate the student in their continued professional development, within their specific role as a cardiovascular nurse, with particular emphasis on patient-centeredness, patient safety, professional accountability and the requirement for effective communication inclusive of the multi-disciplinary team, the patient and their families

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this module the student will:
1. Further develop prior knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the heart, electrophysiology of the ECG and risk factors of cardiovascular dysfunction and apply this knowledge to the nursing care of the person with ischaemic heart disease, arrhythmias, and conduction disturbances.
2. Using a systematic approach, correctly interpret 12 lead ECGs in those presenting with acute coronary syndromes and in the interpretation of changes in ECG that relate to response to treatments received.
3. Drawing on published evidence and nursing theory, analyse the holistic nursing care of persons with: (1) arrhythmias and conduction disturbances (2) acute coronary syndromes (3) inflammatory heart disease (4) hypertension (5) heart failure.
4. Distinguish the evidence-based patient education for patients experiencing acute coronary syndromes, for persons with hypertension, undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention, cardiac surgery and those receiving devices for arrhythmia and conduction disturbances.
1. Develop an understanding of adult congenital heart disease.

Indicative Module Content:

Disease and treatment related complications

Nursing assessment and management

Physical and psychological support

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