NMHS30290 Leadership & Management

NMHS30290 Leadership & Management

NMHS30290 Leadership & Management 150 150 Peter

NMHS30290 Leadership & Management

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module introduces the student to the key principles/theories of management and leadership, quality improvement, and information management systems. It provides the student with an understanding of how management and leadership, quality improvement and the information impact within the clinical practice. Issues concerned with maintaining quality in nursing/midwifery and health care, including change management, and clinical audit will be further explored. Additionally, students will be introduced to a number of methods and tools that may be used to measure quality in healthcare. The effect of informatics on the healthcare consumer as well as professional practice, administration, research and education are also explored.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Critically analyse and demonstrate a knowledge of the key principles of leadership and management and explain their difference between management and leadership
2. Critically discuss the concept of ‘quality in health care’ in the context of nursing & midwifery
3. Explore the value of information systems to the management of a clinical environment
4. Critically analyse how information management systems contribute to effective organisational structures and quality of care

Indicative Module Content:

Healthcare systems & Irish healthcare system
Management and leadership theories
Environment of care/Professional Practice
Principles of Quality in Healthcare
Managing and leading nursing/midwifery care
Principles of co-ordination, delegation, supervision, and monitoring of nursing care
Principles of Information Systems in Healthcare
Standardised language for practice in the delivery of nursing & midwifery care Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Data Protection and E-Health
Teamwork, staffing, clinical handover and open disclosure
Conflict Management – self directed learning
Managing change & organisation culture
Auditing in action and measuring standards to improve quality of care
Lean systems in Healthcare

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