NMHS20820 Clinical Practice 2 (M)

NMHS20820 Clinical Practice 2 (M)

NMHS20820 Clinical Practice 2 (M) 150 150 Peter

NMHS20820 Clinical Practice 2 (M)

Academic Year 2021/2022

This clinical module will enable the student to work under the close supervision of a midwife. The student will work at a participant level of competence building on their first year level of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The module will assist the student to consider and apply principles of evidence-based midwifery care for women and babies in a variety of settings, including specialist placements. The areas that may be linked to this module include Antenatal (and may include outpatient clinics, midwifery-led clinics, fetal assessment unit, day ward, antenatal wards and antenatal/parenthood education), Intranatal or Postnatal areas. The specialist areas that may be linked to this module include Neonatal, Gynaecology, Mental Health, Theatre & Recovery, and Primary Healthcare areas (NMBI, 2016).

This module is part of the essential clinical requirements for professional registrations. The student must pass all individual clinical placements before a pass grade can be awarded for the module. The student must pass all clinical assessments & complete all clinical hours for Stage 2 of the programme before progressing to Stage 3 of the programme.
The credit load of the module reflects the student effort hours required to achieve the learning outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this clinical module, the student should be able to demonstrate the development of competence in the following domains of competence (Level 2: Close supervision):

● Work in partnership with the woman and her family and establish a relationship of trust and confidentiality
● Holistic approaches to care and integration of knowledge in a specialist or midwifery care setting.
● Participate with the midwife in assessing, planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating the provision of safe and evidence-based care for a caseload of women and their babies and be able to provide a rationale for this.
● Communicate and collaborate with women, women’s families and with the multidisciplinary healthcare team
● Work within the scope of practice of a second-year midwifery student and recognise own level of knowledge and professional behaviours.

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