NMHS20780 Clinical Practice 2 (C&G)

NMHS20780 Clinical Practice 2 (C&G)

NMHS20780 Clinical Practice 2 (C&G) 150 150 Peter

NMHS20780 Clinical Practice 2 (C&G)

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module aims to introduce the students to the care of children, adults and their families in medical, surgical and specialist care settings in children’s and general nursing. It provides students with insights and understandings into the way that care is assessed, planned, implemented and evaluated in a variety of settings.
Students will be provided with opportunities to observe and, where and when appropriate, to engage in patient care under the supervision of the registered nurse. The areas that may be linked to this module include care of the older person, emergency nursing, intellectual disability, ambulatory outpatients, maternity, community, mental health, perioperative care, critical care, public health and medical-surgical nursing care settings.
The credit load of the module reflects the student effort hours required to achieve the learning outcomes. The student must pass all individual clinical placements before a passing grade can be awarded for the module. Students must complete all Stage 2 clinical hours before progressing to Stage 3.

Learning Outcomes:

Indicative Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module students should be able to:
• Demonstrate a greater understanding of the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes underpinning professional values and the role of the nurse in medical, surgical and specialist settings.
• Integrate a more holistic approach to care for children, adults and families by utilising a problem-solving approach and drawing on knowledge gained in this module.
• Develop communication and interpersonal skills with children, adults and family members as well as other healthcare professionals.
• Reflect on own learning and gain knowledge on the multi-faceted role of the nurse as a team member within a variety of clinical settings.

Indicative Module Content:

Indicative Student Workload:
Indicative Hours
Class Contact: Practical 35 hours x 16 weeks
Specified Learning Activities
Assessment Strategies: Pass/Fail Competency Assessment Document (CAD)
Total Hours 560 hours

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