NMHS20570 Erasmus Clin Plac 2A (G)

NMHS20570 Erasmus Clin Plac 2A (G)

NMHS20570 Erasmus Clin Plac 2A (G) 150 150 Peter

NMHS20570 Erasmus Clin Plac 2A (G)

Academic Year 2021/2022

The aim of this module is to provide students with an understanding how care is planned, organised and delivered within a range of pre-specifiedthe clinical settings. Students will be provided with opportunities to observe and, where and when appropriate, to engage in patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse. The areas that may be linked to this module include: care of the older person, emergency department, intellectual disability, outpatients department, maternity care, public health nursing and community care, mental health and psychiatry nursing, operating theatre and medical-surgical nursing. Students are expected to be pro-active in the acquisition of their clinical skills, using the DoCAT document for guidance and as evidence of satisfactory clinical performance. The credit load of the module reflects the student effort hours required to achieve the learning outcomes.
The students must pass all individual placements before a pass grade can be awarded for the module.

The Erasmus student on clinical placement in a hospital or community setting will experience the provision of health care in an Irish context.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module students should be able to demonstrate a growth in the development of competence in the following “Domains of Competence” as outlined in the DOCAT (C) document:
o Professional/ethical practice in relation to the care of the patient in a specialist or surgical-medical care setting.
o Holistic approaches to care and integration of knowledge in a specialist or surgical-medical care setting.
o Assessing, planning, organising, implementing and evaluating nursing care of a patient / client.
o Interpersonal relationships with patients, family and other professionals
o Organisation and management of care in a specialist or medical-surgical setting
o Personal and professional development.

The Erasmus student will demonstrate an abaility to provide care for services users in the context of Irish health care and social policy, while discovering and learning about Irish culture.
Additionally the Erasmus student will be supported by UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems and its healthcare partners while engaging in the experience of providing care needs for our clients in the Irish clinical setting.

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