NMHS10520 Nursing Fundamentals

NMHS10520 Nursing Fundamentals

NMHS10520 Nursing Fundamentals 150 150 Peter

NMHS10520 Nursing Fundamentals

Academic Year 2021/2022

The aim of this module is to assist students to develop cognitive, affective and motor dimensions to care for adults in a complex health environment. Compassion, knowledge, advocacy communication, commitment and competence are highly valued by patients and their families. These attributes promote health, recovery and comfort, making an essential contribution to positive healthcare experiences. Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns facilitates an assessment that focuses on patients’ and families’ problems and functional status and applies clinical manifestations to interpret deviations from the patient’s usual pattern.

Learning Outcomes:

• Analyse and apply the importance of infection control and prevention in a health care environment

• Analyse Gordon’s functional health patterns framework – Skin- intimate care, SSKIN pressure area management, waterlow measurement, incontinence associated dermatitis. Nutrition and metabolism, MUST tool and intake and output, elimination- urinary and bladder- Bristol Tool.

• Assess and reflect how the nursing process provides a comprehensive nursing assessment of the patient based on NADA Nursing Diagnosis classification.

• Describe and integrate methods of measuring, recording and documentation of clinical observations using the early warning score (EWS) and clinical reasoning tool ISBAR in structuring and standardizing communication.

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