NMHS10500 Foundations in MH Nursing A

NMHS10500 Foundations in MH Nursing A

NMHS10500 Foundations in MH Nursing A 150 150 Peter

NMHS10500 Foundations in MH Nursing A

Academic Year 2021/2022

In this module students are facilitated to begin and progress towards developing the professional knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to respond, interact and intervene effectively with people who are experiencing mental health difficulties and with their families and carers. Theoretically, the module addresses the core concepts associated with health, mental health and illness; with psychiatric nursing practice and with professional recovery based competencies. Specific mental health issues commonly experienced by the population will be explored and examined including interacting with people experiencing mood and anxiety related difficulties, and with individuals experiencing alterations in perception such as hearing voices. The policy and legislative frameworks underpinning mental health service delivery and practice will be introduced. Within a sills based framework this module will facilitate student to engage in developing an initial suite of core nursing skills to support practice at stage 1 level. Specifically student will be supported to develop skills relating to establishing professional relationships, nurse patient interaction and nursing assessment including assessment of physical and psychological health indicators and patient safety needs.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:
o Explain the core concepts associated with health, mental health and illness and the theoretical
models currently utilised to understand these concepts.
o Discuss the core values associated with psychiatric/mental health nursing practice and the
concepts of professional competencies to support practice.
o Explain briefly the policy and legislative frameworks underpinning psychiatric/mental health
services and nursing practice
o Discuss how common mental health issues including alterations in mood, anxiety and
perceptual experiences may impact on the individual, their family and carers.
o Discuss how psychiatric/mental health nurses can respond, interact and intervene to support
people experiencing common mental health issues and to support their families and carers.
o Explain the core patient safety issues which may impact on people with mental health issues
o Demonstrate skill in nurse patient interaction including appropriate use of interpersonal
communication skills, self-disclosure, use of questioning, assessing, recording and
documenting patient information and in responding to patients, their carers and families.

Indicative Module Content:

Fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes in mental health nursing.

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