NMHS10490 Intro Psychology & Communication

NMHS10490 Intro Psychology & Communication

NMHS10490 Intro Psychology & Communication 150 150 Peter

NMHS10490 Intro Psychology & Communication

Academic Year 2021/2022

This foundational module aims to introduce students to key theories from psychology and communication. The module comprises of two distinct though interrelated units of study. The unit of Psychology offers an introduction to the discipline of psychology and the theories which influence nursing and midwifery practice in our current healthcare system. A brief introduction to the principles of self-care will also be included. Communication, the second unit of study, focuses on the interpersonal qualities and skills involved in building effective relationships with patients and clients. Issues of interpersonal communication such as self-awareness, effective communication and self-compassion for nursing and midwifery will be introduced. The course content for both units of study will be delivered online.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module Students will,
•Appreciate what the study of psychology is and how psychological theory can contribute to Nursing and Midwifery practice.
•Be familiar with key theories of personality which help to explain people’s behaviour (Action, Thinking and Emotions).
•Understand how attachments are formed in infancy and how cognitive development occurs in children/adolescents.

On successful completion of this module Students will,
•Be aware of how their experiences impact on communicating with others.
•Describe what is meant by professional as opposed to personal relationships.
•Practice high quality listening, attending and responding skills when interacting with others.
•Gain an understanding of the importance of their own self care needs and how they might manage them.

Indicative Module Content:

Why is psychology relevant for Nurses and Midwives? a focus on,
• The Psychodynamic Perspective: our unconscious mind and our behaviour.
• Behavioural Theory: learning and behaviour.
• Cognitive Psychology: our thoughts and our behaviour.
• Humanistic Perspective: the ‘self,’ self-awareness, self-compassion and building relationships.
• Positive Psychology: understanding how we flourish.
• Developmental Psychology: forming attachments in infancy and a cognitive perspective on how children and adolescents make sense of their world?

Why is good communication important for Nurses and Midwives?
• An introduction to communication in clinical practice.
• Interpersonal skills for good communication: Roles people play in groups; Positioning- Verbal & non-verbal prompts – Silence; Questions – Clarification.
• Interpersonal skills in specific situations: Therapeutic listening responses- Restatement –Paraphrasing – Reflection – Summarising.

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