NMHS10450 Clinical Practice 1 (G)

NMHS10450 Clinical Practice 1 (G)

NMHS10450 Clinical Practice 1 (G) 150 150 Peter

NMHS10450 Clinical Practice 1 (G)

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module will provide the student with initial patient contact in the clinical setting. The module is designed to facilitate the learning of essential clinical skills and the attainment of standards related to the domains of competence assessment framework. Prior to the clinical placement, students will be provided with an opportunity to develop clinical skills in the interpersonal and psychomotor domains of learning in the clinical skills laboratory and they will be permitted to apply some essential skills in the clinical setting. Clinical placements are also designed to facilitate the integration of knowledge and practice. A component of this module requires students to attend mandatory interpersonal skills workshops and lectures. This theoretical component facilitates students to reflect on, and identify, their own strengths and weaknesses when communicating. It enhances and reinforces the learning of effective interpersonal strategies for communication. The credit load of the module reflects the student effort hours required to achieve the learning outcomes. The module is part of the essential clinical requirements for professional registration. The student must pass all individual clinical placements before a pass grade can be awarded for the module. Students must complete all Stage 1 clinical hours before progressing to Stage 2.

Learning Outcomes:

• Attain predetermined standards and demonstrate psychomotor skills related to the domains of competence
• Identify key ethical and professional issues related to person-centred care
• Identify the elements of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care and how
care is organised and managed
• Identify strengths and weaknesses of personal communication techniques and apply professional
communication skills to practice
• Identify strategies to enhance own clinical learning using feedback given

Requirements, Exclusions and Recommendations


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