NMHS10390 Essence of Midwifery Practice

NMHS10390 Essence of Midwifery Practice

NMHS10390 Essence of Midwifery Practice 150 150 Peter

NMHS10390 Essence of Midwifery Practice

Academic Year 2021/2022

The aim of this module is to introduce the student to the profession of midwifery, its history, philosophy and the factors that impact on the role of the midwife: education, legislation and practice. The module is designed to introduce students to the key concepts upon which midwifery is based-compassionate, woman-centred care. It will enable midwifery students to begin to develop and acquire the knowledge, skills and professional behaviours required for safe and effective midwifery practice. The student will also gain understanding and knowledge of the role of the midwife in the provision of antenatal care during pregnancy. Relevant anatomy and physiology applied to pregnancy and birth will also be explored.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:
● Demonstrate a clear understanding about the nature of midwifery and the concept of woman centred care.
● Outline the historical development of midwifery and legislation that influences midwifery practice.
● Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the core professional and regulatory documents that impact on midwifery
practice in Ireland.
● Develop an understanding of the anatomy and physiology associated with midwifery practice.
● Integrate knowledge of physiological changes of pregnancy to midwifery practice.
● Apply the knowledge gained in this and supporting modules to provide holistic midwifery care for women, their partners and
● Identify and demonstrate the principles of infection prevention and control in the maternity services.
● Demonstrate the skills required in providing safe midwifery care to a woman during pregnancy, labour and following birth

Indicative Module Content:

Indicative Content

Professional and Personal Issues
– History of Midwifery
– Philosophy of Midwifery
– Role and Functions of the Nursing, Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI)
– Professional conduct and accountability
– Domains of Competence
– Scope of Midwifery Practice
– NMBI documents and guidance
– Midwifery Values- Compassion, Care and Commitment

Anatomy and Physiology associated with midwifery care
– Menstrual Cycle
– Fertilisation
– Normal growth and development of the fetus
– Physiological changes in pregnancy
– Maintaining health and well-being and managing common disorders arising from adaptations to pregnancy

Midwifery Practice
– Terms & Abbreviations used in Midwifery Practice
– Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy
– Diagnosis of Pregnancy
– Calculating Expected Date of Delivery (EDD)
– Infection Control and Prevention

Assessment of Fetal Well-being
– Abdominal Palpation and Auscultation
– Auscultation using a pinard stethoscope and doptone
– Methods of Fetal assessment and monitoring-auscultation, amniotic fluid, ultrasound
– Introduction to electronic fetal monitoring

Assessment of Maternal Well-being
– Vital signs in Midwifery Practice
– ISBAR Communication Tool
– Collecting urine specimens & urinalysis
– Documentation in midwifery practice-IMEWS, intake and output

Introduction to maternity services in Ireland
– The Booking visit and subsequent care
– Bloods and schedule of care
– Scope of midwifery practice/aim of midwifery care/aims of antenatal care

– Introduction to physiology of puerperium
– Postnatal examination of mother

Infant Care Practices
– Introduction to Breastfeeding
– Introduction to Bottle feeding
– Infant care practices-bathing, eye care, umbilical cord care, nappy care

Clinical Skills:
– Hand Hygiene
– Application of Personal Protective Equipment
– Sharps Handling and Disposal
– Linen and Waste Management
– Enabling/helping clients to achieve activities of daily living – Dressing, Washing, Vulva toileting, Bowel care, and pressure area
care, commode, bedpan
– Abdominal examination and auscultation
– Clinical Skills for taking and documentation of vital signs
– Collection of urine samples and urinalysis
– Postnatal examination of the mother
– Infant care practices-bathing, eye care, umbilical cord care, nappy care
– Breastfeeding
– Bottle-feeding

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