NMHS10340 Global Engage Clin Practicum

NMHS10340 Global Engage Clin Practicum

NMHS10340 Global Engage Clin Practicum 150 150 Peter

NMHS10340 Global Engage Clin Practicum

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module permits nursing and midwifery students to obtain academic credits for engaging in overseas work with UCD Volunteers Overseas programmes whilst in a healthcare clinical area. The module enables students to engage in work with populations in under-developed countries and reflect on aspects of personal, experiential learning and application to both personal and professional development. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on the international experience in terms of self- development

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:
o Discuss personal challenges in adapting to a different population environment.
o Discuss placement population(s) and context.
o Identify key ethical and professional issues related to voluntary service abroad
o Describe aspects of learning related to voluntary service abroad
o Identify issues related to cultural differences
o Identify how this experience enhanced the student’s personal and professional perspectives.

Indicative Module Content:

Students have the opportunity to experience a different health system. The module is based on experiential and reflective learning. Students are asked to reflect in their journals and posters on the impact this experience has had for them, how it will influence professional practice and what learning was involved. This is achieved by critically describing and presenting experience through a formal reflective practice model.

Approaches to Teaching and Learning:
Students engage with local staff in Uganda to conduct health promotion activities. They engage in both experiential learning and reflective practice to enhance professional skills and knowledge. This is reflected in completing a reflective practice journal each week and presenting on their experience with a dual focus on integrating literature and contextual information (i.e. population statistics, service provision etc).

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