(Answered) Music and Dance Movements

(Answered) Music and Dance Movements

(Answered) Music and Dance Movements 150 150 Prisc

Music and Dance Movements

Choose one of the music or dance movements that you read about this week and at least one work from that movement. Then, address the following: See attached on files to be use.

Examine the movement and specific work in relation to historical and political influences of the movement.
Identify characteristics of the movement and how the work reflects these characteristics.
Include a statement from the artist and one from a critic.
Include a link to the lyrics and/or video depending on your choice.
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Sample Answer


Symphony is a long-form of musical composition for orchestra which consists of numerous large sections or movements.  Symphonies were first composed during the classical period and the decade which immediately preceded it.  Symphonies grew longer during the 19th century, the romantic period, and the composers concerned themselves with unifying the movements.  The BBC symphony orchestra is a British orchestra in London. It was founded in 1930 and was the first lasting paid orchestra in London (Discogs, n.d.). BBC has long been famous for its backing of the 20th century and modern music. Through recordings, performances, and radio broadcasts, the orchestra has led to the primer of modern compositions, accessible programs of all the British music, and done rarely heard works.

Symphony is an orchestra work that has different parts or movements. Every part is like a book chapter. The movements have different tempos, and the first and last are on the fast side, and one movement but not always the second is slower. The most important keys are more common compared to the minor keys.  Sonata form is the first movement; slow melodic movement is the second, while the third is the minute and the fourth is the sonata form.   Violin is one of the most common instruments used in the orchestra.  Other instruments used are strings, woodwinds, percussion, and keyboards.  The BBC symphony orchestra uses all the movements used in a symphony.  Instruments such as string, violin, and keyboard are also standard.

BBC symphony orchestra has been praised for a long time. Tom Service, a journalist, and artist, once stated that he had heard that BBC symphony gives concerts which he does not think any other orchestra in the world would do so brilliantly (BBC Symphony Orchestra, n.d.). However, this works has also been criticized, with the critics saying that it is not a work to create a great sensation.