Module 4 Discussion: PDSA Cycle Worksheet

Module 4 Discussion: PDSA Cycle Worksheet

Module 4 Discussion: PDSA Cycle Worksheet 150 150 Peter

Module 4 Discussion: PDSA Cycle Worksheet

Directions: Professional nurses should become familiar with tools from quality sources that can help them implement projects and identify concerns. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) (2020) has many great tools to assist professional nurses in implementing projects and evaluating them. In this assignment, you will use the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) cycle to evaluate the implementation of a new product.

Visit the link provided under Readings and Resources for the IHI. Review the two videos on the page and click on PDSA worksheet. The IHI will ask you to sign up with a username and password. Save the two, as you will likely use the PDSA worksheet again in your practice. Safe the IHI webpage in your bookmarks, there is so much valuable information for practicing nurses.

After you have downloaded the PDSA worksheet, read it and fill in the PDSA cycle at the end of the document. After downloading this on your desktop, submit the document to the instructor in the module. Use the below scenario for the PDSA cycle.


Consider the following scenario: You are a Nurse Manager on a Medical-Surgical unit and your organization has recently decided to change intravenous (IV) pump providers. The new IV pump is new to you and most of the nurses in the facility. The nurses have completed some online training for using the new IV pumps, and have had some time with the Education Department to practice. The new IV pumps are being delivered to your unit on Monday of next week. Given this information, you want to complete a Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle or two to gather information about the use of the pumps.

Download the PDSA worksheet from the Readings & Resources link. Complete a PDSA cycle (or two) on the above scenario. Fill in the worksheet, answering all of the questions from page 2. Save the worksheet to your desktop and after creating an original thread on the Discussion Board, attach the worksheet. There is no title page required for this assignment and this assignment does not need to be in APA format.