(Answered) Microsoft Desktop Expertise

(Answered) Microsoft Desktop Expertise

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Microsoft Desktop Expertise

Please answer each discussion accordingly with at least one source each. Provide answer to each below corresponding topic. Please use this sheet as a template.

Discussion Week 2


In the future, you may be asked to develop a plan to upgrade more than 100 Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 computers.

Describe how you would make the upgrade. Consider the following questions as you formulate your initial post:

  • Would you preinstall printer drivers, network configs, applications, local policies, Windows update services, security configs, etc.?
  • What risks are associated with your plan?
  • What are your assumptions (e.g., user data, wipe and load, etc.)?
  • What deployment method would you choose (e.g., single machine installs [SneakerNet], ghosting, SCCM OSD [Operating System Deployment])?
  • Would you prebuild an image?

Discussion Week 4


Windows 10 allows users to customize their desktop preferences.

For the purpose of this discussion, consider a scenario where you manage more than 100 Windows 10 devices and are asked to provide input on allowing users to customize items such as the Start Menu.

  • What settings should you allow users to change, and what settings should be controlled by the system administrator?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • How does the industry of the organization play a role in your answer?

Discussion Week 6


As an IT administrator, you have been asked to configure 20 Windows 10 computers on a new network for a branch office that your company is opening. Based on what you have learned in this week’s lesson, discuss how you will configure each system to ensure all systems are properly configured for LAN and WAN access. About half of the computers will be laptops that will used both locally and remotely.

Be sure that you address the following items in your response:

  • Network model type
  • IP address type
  • How will IP addresses be assigned?

Discuss two Windows 10 tools that you think are essential for configuring and troubleshooting Windows 10 network connectivity.

Discussion Week 8


Choose from one of the following options. Be sure to include the option number in your response.

Option 1: Job Search

Use Indeed.com, Monster.com, or LinkedIn.com to research IT job careers that require Windows 10 configuration and management-related skills in your area. You can use key words such as “Windows 10 Administrator” or “Windows 10 Desktop Support.”

Examine three job openings that you think match the skills you learned during the course.

  • Which parts of the course do you think helped you prepare for these job openings?
  • What skills, qualifications, or experience do these jobs require?
  • What do you think about the salary range of this position? Did you find the salary expectations or anything surprising about the salary range?
  • Are you finding jobs in your area? Would you be willing to relocate?
  • Did any of the jobs require certifications? If yes, which certifications?
  • Did any of the jobs require nontechnical skills?

Option 2: Share Your Job Search Experiences

If you are currently working in a technology-related field, can you share your experience finding this position or any other past jobs that you have worked in?

  • Can you describe how you found the job? This could include networking, job searches, job fairs, staffing agencies, and any other methods that you can share with class.
  • What are some of the skills that this position requires? This can include both technical and nontechnical skills. Which skills do you think are most important?
  • How well do these skills align with what you have learned during the course?
  • What advice can you provide for someone who is pursuing a career in technology?

Sample Answer

Discussion Week 2

As a person that is an IT administrator, it is important to understand the various things that are supposed to be done when configuring computers. Managing 100 computers can be a daunting task. However, with the required skills and the necessary tools, a person can configure and manage the 100 computers. When upgrading the computers, there are several things that I will look into when deciding the type of upgrade that will have to be taken into consideration. First, it will be important to check and see if the computers can handle the organization’s upgrader. If the computers cannot handle the upgrade, it will be important for them to be upgraded using the necessary hardware (Lingayat et al., 2018). If a person installs updates on old computers and the computers cannot handle the updates, the computer will be very slow. The management and the employees will have a hard time achieving their objectives if they work in computer systems that are too slow. The performance will be low, and the stress and motivation of the employees will be affected.

The upgrade of the computers will involve having new software that can run faster than the previous software. The old hardware will also be changed in a bid to ensure that the computers are fast.

I would preinstall printer drivers, network configs, applications, local policies, Windows update services, security configs. It is important to ensure that all the files work properly.

One of the risks associated with the plan is the loss of data that was not properly saved. Some old computers may also fail to accept the configuration because of outdated hardware. The operation method that I will use is single machine installs.

Discussion Week 4

Windows 10 allows users to customize their desktop preferences. In the case of a scenario with 100 computers, there are somethings that I will change in the settings.

The settings that will be changed are the ones that allow the people using the computers to save and access their files (Linux case, 2017). However, a person will not be able to delete or change the files’ configuration without the administrator’s permission. The files need to be kept safe and prevented from deleting.

There are several advantages of having the administrator access the files. One of the advantages is that the files are always safe and can only be lost if there is a deliberate attempt to delete and erase them from the system. The industries should therefore play a key role in making sure the files are safe from being deleted. The industry has to make sure that the data which is in their systems is safe from corruption. Only the people who are supposed to access computers should be able to look at the files in the system.

Discussion Week 6

As an IT administrator, who has been asked to configure 20 Windows 10 computers on a new network for a branch office that your company is opening, several things will be done to ensure the operation’s success.

. Based on what we have learned in this week’s lesson, several steps will be taken to ensure the systems are properly configured for LAN and WAN access. Since half of the computers will be laptops used locally and remotely, the network model will have to handle the way the machines work (Liguo Yu et al., 2010)v