(Answered) MGT 410 Topic 5 Personal Model of Leadership

(Answered) MGT 410 Topic 5 Personal Model of Leadership

(Answered) MGT 410 Topic 5 Personal Model of Leadership 150 150 Peter

MGT 410 Topic 5 Personal Model of Leadership – Part 1

Select values from the “Rokeach Values Survey” that will provide the foundation of your model and discuss the leadership behaviors that will result from those values (850-1,000 words). Be sure to select values for each of the following four levels: individual, interpersonal, organizational, and societal. Use the instructions in “Creating a Personal Model of Leadership Instructions” and the “Rokeach Values Survey” in topic materials to guide you.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. 

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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Sample Answer

MGT 410 Topic 5 Personal Model of Leadership 

Individual values show the principles you live by and what you consider important for your self-interest. Individual values include open-mindedness, courage, humility and personal fulfilment. Interpersonal values are beliefs about a certain behavior model the individual has at a given time, and which is personally or in the view of society, is preferable to another mode of behavior. Organizational values are abstract ideas that guide organizational thinking and actions. Organization values represent the foundation on which the company is formed. A company’s organizational values gives information about the organization it shows us why it has been created, what the organization values and how it is different from other companies. Social values form an important part of the culture of the society. … They provide the general guidelines for social conduct. Values such as fundamental rights, patriotism, respect for human dignity, rationality, sacrifice, individuality, equality, democracy etc. guide our behaviors in many ways.

Personal Leadership Model Explanation
Building my leadership model, I believe that the important values a leader should have would be ambition, honesty, forgiveness, loyalty, world peace, self-control, responsibility and self-respect. These key values are needed to be a successful servant leader because no matter what you do or what you believe in how you lead your followers and conduct yourself will show your morals, values and leadership capabilities. You must be open to growth and respect other’s values. Ambition is needed while leading for you to self-motivate and motivate your team whether it is at an organizational level or academic level. Honesty is needed for transparency. If you are honest with your team about what is being done wrong and what you expect they are more likely to approach you with any issues. Forgiveness is another key value because your team must know that you want them to excel but you do not need them to be perfect. If they know you are going to forgive, they are less likely to hide or withhold information from you. Loyalty is another key value because your team must know you will fight for them and you will not give up on them no matter what happens. You will lead and lead with pride. World peace is needed for your group to understand you do not want to live in chaos. You want to hear every idea and explain why it would or would not work with the goal you are trying to achieve. Self-control, responsibility and self-respect are the most important values for a servant leader. You must live by these values because your team needs to know that you hold yourself to a standard. The team needs to know that if one of them mess up you will not lose your team, blame everyone except the leader and continue to respect yourself. The team wants to be led by the best and they will display what they are shown by the leader. Your team is the best reflection of you.


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