Medical School Personal Statement

Medical School Personal Statement

Medical School Personal Statement 150 150 Peter

Medical School Personal Statement

What aspects of the course interest you the most?

In this section you are asked to state what specifically interests you about the subject(s)/course that you are applying for (500 -600)words


What has led you to this point where you have decided to return to education as a mature student?

You are invited to highlight the relevance of your educational, work and life experience to the subject(s)/course you are applying for. (500-600)words

Sample Paper

Aspects of the Course that Interest Me

Pursuing a degree in medicine is a dream come true and the start of a journey to a fulfilling career. A degree in medicine will equip me with the knowledge and skills required to provide advanced care to patients. I am very aware that a career in medicine is very rewarding, and it appeals to me since I will be able to make a difference in people’s lives by assisting them to alleviate pain and suffering. With a degree in medicine, I will possess the skills required in diagnosing and treating patients restoring their health, or helping them manage health conditions more effectively. Medicine is not just a profession but is truly a service as one is needed to put others first. The level of sacrifice required in the field and the outcome is satisfying. It provides a platform and an opportunity to impact communities and populations by serving them according to their needs. It is also a diverse and vast field characterized by continuous learning. I view the course as challenging but an intellectually satisfying field. This extends into practice as one encounters unique situations regularly characterized by evolving technology.

Pursuing a degree in medicine presents an opportunity to have a diverse medical career. I understand there are over 60 specialties that I can choose from, including working in a setting of my choice. This may include hospitals or any other healthcare facility, research laboratories, or any medical department. I will select an appropriate study path that aligns with my interests and passion. My greatest interest and passion is working as a hospital doctor where I can have the option of working and specializing in different areas such as general medicine, cardiology, surgery obstetrics, emergency medicine, trauma, radiology, orthopaedics, and radiology. The role of a hospital doctor can be quite diverse as a lot of time will be spent inwards and outpatient clinics utilizing knowledge and skills preventing, diagnosing, and managing different illnesses. As a student, I am ready to complete responsibilities related to assessment and diagnosis, administration tasks, working with others, team management and planning, and undertaking procedural planning.

I have an adequate understanding of the sacrifices I will have to make throughout the course, but the most interesting aspect is the degree of autonomy in my practice. I understand autonomy as having the freedom to provide health care services based on my best judgment. Autonomy is a major source of motivation as it provides freedom to build systems and responds to health challenges with creativity. I will have the opportunity to practice to the full extent of my training for better health and patient outcomes. I will also be able to impact healthcare teams in my career. This will include the team members with who we will work together in delivering care to the patients. The course also improves my job security by increasing the possibility of getting employed and job security. The job market in the healthcare industry can be competitive, but the demand for doctors never ceases at the national and international levels. Medicine graduates usually find employment within the first six months after graduating. One can therefore make long-term career plans and achieve them within the expected period as the field I predictable in terms of job security. The course will not only help me achieve a career but also personal development.

What Has Led Me to This Point Where I Have Decided to Return to Education as a Mature Student

The decision to return to education as a mature student has been influenced by the desire to serve patients from a higher position as it gives me more potential to make a difference in their lives. This desire has driven me to undertake an access curse to be able to pursue a degree in medicine. My experience working as a care assistant is the major contributor towards returning to education. I have performed various roles as a care assistant, including helping people with dressing, teaching life skills, and working with other care professionals to develop and implement care. The role of an assistant has contributed significantly to personal development, especially in terms of communication and the establishment of personal relationships with other people. I have developed qualities such as empathy, patience, and cultural sensitivity due to interaction with people from different backgrounds. I have worked with both individuals and in organizations. I have mainly worked with the elderly and those dealing with chronic health problems. Care management for such individuals can be challenging and requires all the support needed. I have a passion for such patients and desire to have a greater impact on their well-being, and pursuing a degree in medicine eliminates the barriers limiting my ability to offer to support the well-being of such populations.

I have also worked as a sales assistant, which has also contributed towards the development of skills and qualities that will be of importance in my medical career. These include the ability to collaborate with others, patience, remain calm even in stressful situations, excellent communication skills, sensitivity and understanding, and excellent negotiation and persuasion skills. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal of a care assistant, which I equate to patient satisfaction, a top priority in the healthcare industry. Being a sales assistant is stressful, yet it offers satisfaction that arises from the ability to make a difference in the lives of the customers by attending to their needs and concerns. I can therefore withstand the stress that arises from the demands of the course.

The roles of a care assistant and sales assistant are time-consuming and require a significant level of sacrifice. One has to be able to manage their time properly to create a balance between work and family. Pursuing the course requires sacrifices, and it is time-consuming. Once the undergraduate training, which will take two years, is completed, I will move to foundational training for another two years. I will move into my specialist training path after completion of the foundational training. Specialty training may take up to seven years, depending on the area of specialization. A lot of time will be spent studying, carrying out projects, and other related activities. This may require sacrificing my free time, time spent with friends and family. Past experiences give me confidence that I can be able to make all these sacrifices to succeed in my career. I know I already have a support system, especially from my family. I am confident that I have what it takes to pursue the course and the potential to make more adjustments depending on the demands of the course. My passion for serving others outweighs the challenges that I may experience throughout the course and my career. I look forward to pursuing the course and attaining my career goals.