MDCS40990 Clinical Practice

MDCS40990 Clinical Practice

MDCS40990 Clinical Practice 150 150 Peter

MDCS40990 Clinical Practice

Academic Year 2021/2022

Clinical and Practical Work and *Clinical Professional Exam (*must pass exam). A high level of attendance in all modules and participation in distant learning is necessary to complete this module. Maintenance of a record (Logbooks/Projects) of dermatology patients. Candidates will be evaluated on case presentations made to the class. Attendance at one dermatology clinic per trimester is mandatory.

Students must be General Practitioners in practice or in training or doctors in areas of related medical practice. Students must also be registered with the Irish Medical Council.

Learning Outcomes:

The students will be expected to: 1. Examine dermatology patients regularly in their own clinics and also in specialised dermatology clinics. 2. Put together a portfolio of their dermatology patients or submit detailed projects relating to dermatology subjects as decided by the course coordinator for evaluation at the end of each Summer. Develop presentation skills regarding dermatologic cases.

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