MDCS40600 Clinical Group Practice Part I

MDCS40600 Clinical Group Practice Part I

MDCS40600 Clinical Group Practice Part I 150 150 Peter

MDCS40600 Clinical Group Practice Part I

Academic Year 2021/2022

The student will learn through fieldwork to prepare and establish an adult psychotherapy group. The student will show evidence of a group analytic approach to creating a group setting. The student will show the use of group analytic principles in assessment and selection of group members , and a group analytic approach in the preparation of potential group members for the group or referral elsewhere. The student should show evidence of using group analytic principles of group composition in the establishment of the group. Thirty hours of clinical work should be completed which will consist of clinical assessments and or group sessions.

This is a must-pass module for the programme. In other words, a student cannot complete the MSc without passing this module regardless of grades across all other modules.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Formulate the experience of group analytic assessment and treatment.
2. Acquire a critical awareness of group dynamics which consolidates skills of group analysis through practical work.
3. Produce a log of 30 hours of supervised clinical work which demonstrates a capacity to apply skills and theory to a clinical population.

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