MDCS40560 Supervision of Clinical Practice

MDCS40560 Supervision of Clinical Practice

MDCS40560 Supervision of Clinical Practice 150 150 Peter

MDCS40560 Supervision of Clinical Practice

Academic Year 2021/2022

The supervision seminar will aim to establish the principal precepts of group analytic technique within clinical practice. It will provide an opportunity to explore the following topics at an in-depth and advanced level: the setting and context in which a group can be conducted, communication with referrers, referral systems, the referral letter and individual assessment, the assessment interview, the composition of the group, preparation of patients for group, breaks, notice, confidentiality, absenteeism and note taking. Group analytic concepts and processes such as dynamic administration, boundary maintenance , and the early phases of group development, as outlined by Foulkes and Nitsun will be integrated into clinical practice.

This is a must-pass module for the programme. In other words, a student cannot complete the MSc without passing this module regardless of grades across all other modules.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate a capacity to present clinical material and respond appropriately to feedback. 2. Acquire an enhanced self-awareness, the ability for critical self-reflection . 3. The student should show how a critical engagement with clinical literature and capacity to apply this to clinical work.

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