Logic and Current Events Peer 1

Logic and Current Events Peer 1

Logic and Current Events Peer 1 150 150 Peter

Logic and Current Events Peer 1

In the course of your responses, you might comment on the following types of questions: Have you noticed other examples of the fallacy that your classmate presents? Why do you suppose that people are prone to make errors of this type? What else might people keep in mind to learn to reason better in such cases?


Hi everyone.

I have always been fascinated by the idea that we are not the only ones in the universe. I have watch document programs on tv and also seen Sci-Fy movies; those things catch my attention. I am a firm believer that if life exists in this solar system, the possibility of other types of life elsewhere is possible, and maybe they are more advanced than we are. My reflection on fallacies will be If there is life here, why not somewhere else. This will be Fallacies of Support, with Apple to Ignorance and Shifting the Burden of Proof.

As an example:

Rick: I know that aliens exist because I read it in a magazine, and there is nothing that proves otherwise.

John Do: It has not been proven that aliens do exist, so they must not exist.

I provided this type of fallacy because I do believe that we are not alone. I like to think about when Christopher Columbus said that the earth was flat. Until he was proven otherwise on a later date.