Letter of Recommendation from a Supervisor

Letter of Recommendation from a Supervisor

Letter of Recommendation from a Supervisor 150 150 Peter

Letter of Recommendation from a Supervisor:

This is suppose to be a letter of recommendation coming from a supervisor/manager explaining why I would be a great PMHNP, I am trying to apply to Program acceptance into the Masters program specializing in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). I would be a good candidate because I have 11 years of experience in Mental health, both inpatient setting and outpatient setting. I have worked with veterans, homeless, geriatrics, adolescents, and substance abuse population. I am a strong advocate for the MH population. I always engage in outreach events to bring awareness about MH and services. I currently work with Veterans who suffer with Depression and PTSD and case manage them, providing them education about the disease and how to manage and live with a mental health diagnosis. I feel i would be a good PMHNP because I have a strong background in multiple areas and have worked in mental health for over 11 years. I have a passion for this specialty and i truly want to make a difference and help those that need it the most and not see them suffer.

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Letter of Recommendation

12th 01 2022

(Supervisors Institutions Name and Address)

(Master’s program institutions Name and Address)

To whom it may concern:

It is my honor and pleasure to recommend (Your name) for the master’s in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) program. I have worked with (your name) for roughly 11 good years in the Mental health department, both in inpatient and outpatient settings; thus, I believe she has the required experience. (Your name) was always an outstanding team member, and I have always been overwhelmed by her professionalism and commendable personal qualities.

I have observed (Your name) working with the veterans, geriatrics, homeless, adolescents, and the substance abuse population where she used her excellent knowledge, for instance in the prescriptive practice of the psychotropic medications, individual, family and group psychotherapy, case management, crisis intervention, and consultation to deliver remarkable results in her roles. I am confident that (Your name) professional practice, exceptional skills, and personal qualities will make her an influential asset in your institution. In addition, (Your name) is a strong advocate for the MH population, and she always engages in outreach actions to bring awareness to MH and services.

As a PMHNP working with the Veterans suffering from PTSD and Depression in case managing, providing them with education on disease and how to manage and live with a mental health diagnosis, (Your name) demonstrated her skill to make the environment safe for these veterans by providing continuous supervision and monitoring. Moreover, she completed initial and follow-up medicine management for the Veterans with complex, dual-diagnosis issues. Besides, her qualities, such as effective communication, always made her a stand-out team member.

(Your name) has my highest recommendation for this program. I have no doubts she will make a stronger addition to your team. I am very sure she will make a difference. Please feel free to call me in incase of any queries concerning (Your name) candidacy or else past work.

Yours sincerely,

(Supervisor’s signature)

(Supervisors Name)