Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management 150 150 Peter

Leadership and Management

Paper Information:

The purpose of this paper is to examine nursing leadership in its totality. Health care is changing and Nurses are called to mentor, lead, and sustain nursing core values. Today more than ever we are called to hold onto the profession’s most sacred values. Grossman and Valiga (2021) addressed the need for newly empowered leaders to advance the future of the profession. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) (now called The National Academies of Medicine) has made recommendations to incorporate changes for best nursing practices in the future. The IOM addresses advanced practice nurses’ need for empowerment practicing to the fullest extent possible to meet the challenges of our future health care systems. Advanced nurse generalists functioning in a myriad of roles as leaders are influential in promoting excellence across practice settings. You are about to embark on a Masters’s prepared leadership journey and leadership skills are critical to impact the future of Nursing.

Paper Requirements:

  • Based on your readings, current literature within 5 years, scholarly peer-reviewed journals, and research on the topic of nursing leadership development specific to your program.
  • Clearly demonstrate the integration of evidence into nursing practice as it relates to nursing leadership in your program.
  • Clearly demonstrate the concepts of nursing leadership and ethical decision-making as they relate to nursing leadership development in your program.
  • Your paper should include;
    a. Introduction
    i. Define leadership
    ii. Explain how leadership is developed
    iii. Why is leadership development important for nursing today?
    b. Compare and contrast theoretical leadership theories as they relate to  leadership development
    c. Discuss how leadership is an integral component of the advanced generalist masters prepared Nurse
    d. Examine empowerment as it relates to the development of Nursing leaders
    e. Analyze the process of leading through mentoring as it relates to the creation of future caring followers
    f. Explain effective communication and collaboration strategies that lead to healthy, safe interdisciplinary teams
    g. Guided by Dr. Jean Watson’s (2012) theory of human caring science critically evaluate how caring can be integrated in all levels of Nursing practices
    h. Create your own personal definition of nursing leadership examining concepts you can adopt in your practice setting leading to improved outcomes for patients, families, colleagues, and self.

Writing Requirements:

  • Total of 5-8 pages (not including title page or reference page) using the required title page with your major clearly labeled
  • Document file name:  Last Name_First Name_Week 5 Paper_NUR501
  • Minimum of 5 scholarly sources not including the textbook to support your facts
  • Clear and logically written with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Proper APA format on citations and sources