(Answered) Informed Consent and Debriefing

(Answered) Informed Consent and Debriefing

(Answered) Informed Consent and Debriefing 150 150 Prisc

Informed Consent and Debriefing

Psychology students need the ability to create informed consent and debriefing forms that adequately state the purpose of studies to the participants in an ethical manner. In your capstone class (your last class), it is an expectation that you have a created a consent and debriefing form for your research proposal. It could be beneficial if you create this assignment around the topic you would like to research.
The topic I want to discuss in my capstone class is
The Effect of Screen Violence on Aggressive Behavior.
I will attach the document of my final research paper from my previous class for reference.

Before you begin the assignment, view the APA website

and read the ethics listings.
Using the GCU Library, research consent and debriefing forms. Locate two to four scholarly resources to support your form.
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Create an informed consent form and a debriefing form that explains the nature and true purpose of the study (students may adapt the examples from the textbook, see pages 65-66). Be sure to cite your sources at the conclusion of the document.


Sample Answer

Informed Consent and Debriefing









The purpose of this form is to provide all the necessary information to you as a potential participant to make it easy for you to make a decision on whether to participate in this study or not. Before making a decision on whether to participate in the study, make sure that you understand what the study involves and why it’s being done. Kindly read the provided information carefully and ask the researcher to clarify any issues.

The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of screen violence on aggressive behavior.


If you decide to participate, then as a study participant, you will join a study examining the effect of screen violence on aggressive behavior that will involve at least 150 participants.  As a research participant, you will be asked questions related to the amount of time you spend on screens such as television, computer, and mobile phone then the type of content you normally consume on such devices. In this study, you will be asked to categorize the genre of content you normally consume on home screen devices and on which day of the week. You will also be evaluated on your general mood and feelings on a day-to-day basis and your relationships with others, including family, friends, and workmates.  You will also be required to highlight the frequency of instances of aggression that you encounter or are involved in every month. In the research study, you will need to be honest in your self-evaluation of behavior and emotions. You’ll be given adequate time to answer the questions related to your media consumption tendencies through questionnaires that will be emailed to you containing all the necessary questions to assess your exposure to screen violence. Your participation in this study will take no more than 45 minutes.


Participating in this study involves no risks because the study will mainly assess your current habits related to media consumption on your behavior.  As a research participant, you may therefore decline to answer any question that you deem uncomfortable. You also have the privilege of choosing to terminate your involvement in this study at any time you choose.


The main benefit of your involvement in this study is understanding the effects and influence that consuming media content has on your behavior. You can therefore use the results of this study to modify your behavior in a better way and become more productive. We also hope that the observations derived from this research will help to understand the rising cases of violence such as mass shootings in society.


All the responses you provided in this study will be anonymous. All participants are advised not to write any identifying information on the questionnaire. All data collected in the study will also be kept confidential.


All participants involved in this study will receive a gift card to show appreciation for devoting their time and resources to participate.


If you would like more information related to the research process or you experience any negative effects as a result of your participation, feel free to contact the researcher. Also, feel free to ask any questions relating to your right as a research participant.


Participating in this study is voluntary. You have the authority to participate or not. By agreeing to participate in the study, you will be required to sign a consent form.


I have gone through and clearly understood all the information provided and have been given the opportunity to make any enquiries. I voluntarily agree to take part in this research.


Participant’s signature ______________________________ Date __________

Investigator’s signature _____________________________ Date __________


Debriefing form


Thank you for your participation in this research study.  No information was withheld for this study. However, we will provide you with the opportunity to decide whether you want your data included in the study or not.

What you should know about this study

The results of this study will be published publicly in scholarly journals. Search channels are normally made available on various platforms.

Right to withdraw data

You may choose to withdraw the data you provided prior to debriefing, without penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.  Please initial below if you do, or do not, give permission to have your data included in the study:

            I give permission for the data collected from or about me to be included in the study. 

            I DO NOT give permission for the data collected from or about me to be included in the study. 

If you have questions

The main researcher conducting this study is [principal investigator’s name], a graduate/undergraduate student name, if applicable} at the University of [XXX].  Please ask any questions you have now.  If you have questions later, you may contact [principal investigator’s name] at [email address] or at [phone number].  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your rights as a research participant in this study, you may contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Chairperson at

Your signature below indicates that you have been debriefed, and have had all of your questions answered.


_________________________                     _______________________             _________

Name of Researcher                                      Signature                                           Date


_________________________                     _______________________             __________

Name of Participant                                       Signature                                           Date