Importance of Nursing Theories

Importance of Nursing Theories

Importance of Nursing Theories 150 150 Peter

Importance of Nursing Theories

For many students enrolled in NR501, this is an initial course for nursing theory. So, let’s have a debate. Is nursing theory important to the nursing profession? In particular, is it important for nurse practitioners? Does theory inform nurse practitioner practice? If you believe that it is important, explain why it is useful. If you do not believe that it is useful, explain why nursing theory is not necessary to the profession?
Scholarly peer reviewed sources no less than 5 years

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Nursing Theory

Importance of Nursing Theories to the Nursing Profession

Nursing theory is a structure of ideas and concepts that classifies nursing from other medical professions and guides nurses’ comprehension of their patients and their particular needs. I believe the nursing theory is an integral unit of the nursing profession and is helpful in nursing education, practice and research. The theories lay a good foundation of knowledge for the nurses and boost nursing education by revealing care concepts and their relevance to patients’ care and the entire nursing practice (Hoeck and Delmar, 2018). The theories also avail most relevant literature and principles that govern nursing practice. These theories set the specific focus for nurses giving them a sense of identity that distinguishes them from the other occupations.

Importance of the Theories for Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners have a lot to borrow from the theories. Nursing theories help practitioners to account for their medical decisions and prescriptions. Nurses can apply the care concepts discovered in the specific theories to improve patients’ outcomes and general quality of life (Tappen, 2022). Such theory as Maternal attainment theory avails concepts and a framework that nurses can apply in helping mothers develop maternal identity. Through the theories, practicing nurses can confidently explain all the care procedures administered to the patients and the respective medical reasons for their actions.

How the Theories Inform Nurse Practitioner’s Practice

Nursing theories are authored by specialized professionals in the nursing field who develop the theories to inform nursing practice improve patient care and general quality of life. According to Tappen (2022), the ideologies explore all nursing situations and patient needs making them relevant to nursing practice. Thus, the nurses can be informed in their entire nursing stages: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, outcome, and evaluation. In collaboration with other medics, they can utilize the theories for further research in addressing emergent health conditions and developing effective intervention strategies.


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