Implementation of a Current Health and Fitness Trend

Implementation of a Current Health and Fitness Trend

Implementation of a Current Health and Fitness Trend 150 150 Peter

Implementation of a Current Health and Fitness Trend

This paper will be a final synthesis of the implementation of a current health and fitness trend (generally in the form of an exercise or educational program) with the goal of improving the health and fitness of an organization or a community. Based on the feedback from your classmates on your media submissions, and on Instructor feedback for both your media and paper submissions, please prepare and edit this paper appropriately and incorporating any new information you have learned throughout the class that apply to this project

Deliverable Items:

Paper (5-7 pages)

Submit by Day #7 a 5-7 page paper for your project. Include information pertaining to:

Description of the community or organization of interest
Description of the Current Trend (use appropriate scientific rationale for its use)
Explanation of the health and/or fitness problem in that community or organization (support your theory or identification of the problem with appropriate statistics)
Explanation of the interrelationship between your community/organization and the current health and fitness trend you are reporting on (supported by the research)
How the implementation of your idea using the current trend/issue will benefit this community/organization (be sure to discuss the improvements to their health and fitness and support it with current literature)
Describe how your idea using this current trend/issue will be (or has been) implemented (For this, you may want to begin with a description of the current state of the organization/community, and their current practices).
All of the above should justify the use of a current trend and your idea for implementation for the benefit of this organization/community (current research will help here, as well)
Keep in mind, that you have already written an introduction to all (or most) of these items. The purpose of this paper is for you to add depth and breadth to your project, along with additional (refined) ideas for implementation
See additional formatting guidelines below.

Additional Instructions
Your submission must be attached as a WORD document only. All references (6-8 peer-reviewed references required), in-text citations, and narrative must be in APA format. You are to construct a paper that has a solid introduction, body, and conclusion that addresses all items listed above.

Hint: If you use the above items as section headings, you will have an easier time including all of the requirements.

The layout of your paper may look something like what is outlined following this paragraph. Suggested headings are in bold. Please keep in mind that you may use different headings and that what is listed below is for purposes of example and does not depict APA formatting.