Immunization Presentation

Immunization Presentation

Immunization Presentation 150 150 Peter

Immunization Presentation


For this assignment, you are creating a PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation audience is the community.

Master’s-prepared nurse educators, leaders, nurse practitioners, and all specialty nursing fields contribute to health promotion in populations across the life span. This assignment focuses on child and adolescent immunization, health information, epidemiology, and surrounding influences. This is not a singular immunization but pediatric immunization education for a community audience.

Presentation Content and Slides:

8 content slides are required.
Each slide’s speaker notes have 2 paragraphs of content.
Each slide should have substantive content on the slide and further information in the speaker notes.

Content on slides includes three components of information: immunity, herd immunity, and types of immunity related to vaccination.

Effects of Immunization
Content on slides includes three components of information on the effects of immunization: individual, community, and worldwide.

Content on slides includes pediatric vaccination trends, related disease trends, including statistics for conditions prevented with pediatric vaccinations.

Content on slides includes at least four documented myths about vaccinations with published information to debunk.

Pediatric Schedule
Content on slides includes the pediatric vaccination schedule of infants, children, and teens.

Legal, Ethical and Cultural Issues
Content on slide includes three components on slides: legal, ethical, and cultural considerations of pediatric vaccinations.