Identify and Summarize Caterpillar Inc.’s organizational structure.

Identify and Summarize Caterpillar Inc.’s organizational structure.

Identify and Summarize Caterpillar Inc.’s organizational structure. 150 150 Nyagu

Review the following terms and concepts discussed this week to prepare for this assignment:
organizational structure
organizational culture
PESTEL model

Before starting this assignment, Watch the Week 3 Instructor’s Video (

Create a Word doc and title it Strategic Management Research Journal Part 3.

Write a 525- to 700-word response to the following prompts in your journal entry:

Assess whether Caterpillar Inc. is using the appropriate measures to verify its strategic effectiveness.
Identify and Summarize Caterpillar Inc.’s organizational structure.
Determine whether Caterpillar Inc.’s organizational structure is considered a traditional organizational structure or a Holacracy.
Justify why it’s important for Caterpillar Inc.’s leadership team to study and understand the company’s internal and external environments.
Evaluate Caterpillar Inc.’s competitive position and how they have responded to shifts in the external and internal environments.
Recommend strategies in operational changes to support Caterpillar’s strategic plan, future business decisions, and improvement in business performance.

Note: You will use information from this entry in your presentation due in Week 5.

Check that your paper follows the Journal Writing Requirements :
Requirements for formatting papers

While the written assignments in this course do not strictly adhere to APA formatting, the following exceptions will be required for each written assignment.

Each assignment must have a Title Page that has the title of the paper, your name, and the date submitted.
Each Major prompt of the assignment must appear under its own paragraph heading. You can use any headings you like as long as they separate each assignment prompt.
In-text Citations and References must be used for both quoted and paraphrased information gathered from specific sources. These must adhere to the APA format found in the Center for Writing Excellence.
A separate Reference page must be at the end of every assignment that is also formatted per APA.
The filename used when submitting the assignment must include your name (example: Wk 1 Journal Jane Doe).
All forms of Plagiarism are violations of the university code of Conduct and can result in no points being awarded and the incident being reported to the University. If you are not sure what plagiarism is, the Center for Writing Excellence has extensive information available. Also, Ultra has Assign Safe which will produce a plagiarism report you will need to look at. It is up to you to assure that your work has not been plagiarized.