Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Testing 150 150 Peter

Hypothesis Testing

Required Resources

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Textbook: Chapter 9
Minimum of 1 scholarly source
In your reference for this assignment, be sure to include both your text/class materials AND your outside reading(s).

Initial Post Instructions

Describe a hypothesis test study that would help your work or conclusions in some way. Describe what variable would be tested and what would be your guess of the value of that variable. Then include how the result, if the null were rejected or not, might change your conclusions or actions in some way.

Sample Paper

Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis testing is a method of statistical implication that applies data from a specific sample to conclude population probability distribution (Emmert-Streib & Dehmer, 2019). First, the tentative statement is made on parameter or distribution. This testing permits the researcher to define whether data from a specific sample is statistically significant. Hypothesis testing remains among the most effective procedures for measuring the validity and consistency of outcomes in any systematic investigation. A hypothesis test includes gathering data from a sample and assessing the data (Holmes, lllowsky & Dean, 2017). The statistician then decides whether or not there’s adequate evidence, based on analyses of the data, to reject the null hypothesis.

                                          Hypothesis Test Study

My hypothesis testing would determine if the patients receiving backrubs fall asleep faster than those who don’t get backrubs. Backrubs are massages completed on the patient’s back. They are essential since they help stimulate circulation, give general relief, and provide comfort to patients (Yücel, Arslan & Bagci, 2020).

Variable Tested and My Guess Value of That Variable

With the variable being patients, my null hypothesis will reveal no difference in the average extent of time it takes clients in every group to fall asleep. Similarly, my research-based hypothesis will show the clients receiving backrubs fall asleep, on normal, faster than those not getting backrubs. The experimental group receiving intervention is the backrub group, and the control group is a non-backrub group.

Result That If Null Were Rejected or Not May Change Conclusions or Actions

If my null was rejected, that might mean the backrubs made a difference in helping the patients in falling asleep faster. If my null wasn’t rejected, then that may conclude that the backrubs didn’t make any difference in helping patients fall asleep faster. Whether the null was rejected or not, I will still provide backrubs to the patients who feel like that helps them relax and fall asleep faster.



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