How to Share Knowledge

How to Share Knowledge

How to Share Knowledge 150 150 Peter

How to Share Knowledge

1. Investigate 3 professional journals and describe the process and criteria they use for selecting work to he published
2. Describe how to meet this process and criteria
3. Describe the challenges in getting work published in the journals
4. Describe 3 ethical considerations in research and knowledge acquisition and sharing

Sample Paper

How to Share Knowledge

Three of the most well-established professional nursing journals in nursing include the American Journal of Nursing, the Journal of Research in Nursing, and the Journal of Advanced Nursing. The American journal of nursing requires all authors to submit a detailed query letter to the editor of the journal before providing their work to be published. The query letter involves the article idea, the focus of the article, an outline or abstract, and the length of the proposed paper to be published (AJN, 2020). The target date of submission is also required, and the background of all contributors that want to publish an article in the journal. The American Journal of Nursing also requires that all individuals who intend to publish their work in the journal submit their qualifications to write on a particular subject in the query letter and the relevance of their proposed topic to the nurse in the discipline. In contemporary times, the American Journal of Nursing also prohibits all individuals who wish to publish their manuscripts in the journal not to submit such manuscripts as queries (AJN, 2020).

On the other hand, the journal of research in nursing requires that all individuals who want to publish their manuscript own all the rights to their work and that all publishers present original work for publishing that has not been previously presented for consideration of publishing in other journals. The Journal of Research in nursing only considers manuscripts that cover different topics such as education, research management, or clinical aspects for publication (Sage Journals, 2020). The journal of research in nursing also has a clear format that all individuals who wish to publish the articles have to follow, which includes having a clear title page, declaration of interest, correspondence information, author biographies, and trial registration forms. The journal of research in nursing also requires that all publishers follow specific formatting guidelines, referencing style, English language and style, and other specific guidelines (Sage Journals, 2020).

Finally, the Journal of Advanced Nursing requires all papers that are submitted for publishing to have a sound evidential, scientific, philosophical, or theoretical basis and to be critical in their scholarly approach and questioning. The JAN allows the publishing of material in different disciplines, including education, management, policy, or practice. JAN also provides specific format and structure for different types of manuscripts that are submitted to meet specific templates so as to ensure completeness of the content (Wiley Online, 2020). The different types of manuscripts that are allowed in the journal of advanced nursing include empirical research, which is quantitative, empirical research, which is qualitative, and empirical research that follows mixed methods or a pilot study. The JAN also allows the publishing of protocols for systematic reviews or research studies (Wiley Online, 2020).

The most effective approach that will be utilized to meet the criteria for publishing manuscripts in various journals would be to review the criteria before beginning the writing of the manuscript. This would ensure that all the requirements of publishing in targeted journals are considered before submission.

The challenges of getting scholarly works published in a journal include the lack of sufficient reviewers, lack of sufficient editors, and strict guidelines. These challenges can therefore derail a researcher’s timeline to get their work published in a given journal.

The three main ethical considerations in research, knowledge acquisition and sharing include respect for anonymity and confidentiality, beneficence, and informed consent (Sng et al., 2016).


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