Household Data-Set Review

Household Data-Set Review

Household Data-Set Review 150 150 Peter

Household Data-Set Review

As a public health personnel, you conducted a survey and collected economic and health data on households in a township that is known to have a high prevalence of heart disease. Before, you proceed with the data analysis be sure to review the video for additional instructions and relevant facts. To complete this lab assignment, you may use SPSS’ latest version describing results about heart disease that should be at least 450 or no more than 1- 1/2 pages.

The Household Data file (attached below) contains data for 100 households surveyed including race, household income, family size, home price, number of bedrooms, family history of heart disease, and patient symptoms. Analyze the 100 survey (basic statistics) and address the questions outlined in the video presentation.Hint: Let the questions drive the necessary analysis. You may need to perform a regression, correlation, or proportion analyses.

Part 1. Provide an answer for each question in the matrix listed below using HouseholdData.xls. Upload the completed template using the assignment link. You must use the lab template attached to this assignment.



SPSS Syntax

Is there an association between race and history of heart disease?

What is count and percent of people with or without a history of heart disease by race?

What is the average home price by number of bedrooms?

Provide at least one graph, chart, or figure to support your findings. For example, number of bedrooms per household

Quantitative Analysis: Analyze the data and statistics calculated for the community.

Construct and submit the table below using a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of households with a history of heart disease, separately for each race. Would you say the proportion of households with history of heart disease differs by race? Hint. Confidence interval (CI) = p ± z(SE) where standard error (SE).
2. Provide SPSS code used to generate results for the Prevalence of Heart Disease table. Submit the table below with your results. You must provide the SPSS code along with your output.