HNUT40160 Clinical Nutrition (Post Grad)

HNUT40160 Clinical Nutrition (Post Grad)

HNUT40160 Clinical Nutrition (Post Grad) 150 150 Peter

HNUT40160 Clinical Nutrition (Post Grad)

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module aims to give you a basic understanding of some key topics and case studies in clinical nutrition. Obtaining this information will allow you to understand the basics of clinical nutrition recommendations. This module provides an integrated study of the role of diet in the cause and treatment of disease. It will explore the interaction of disease and diet in various areas of metabolism and specific disease states. It will examine the use of diet in treatment of certain diseases and examine methods of nutritional assessment. This knowledge is integrated with an understanding of the medical aspects of common disease states.

Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this Module, successful students can:

Module learning outcomes
1 – Discuss critically the changes in nutritional requirements in various disease states.
2 – Discuss critically the evidence linking foods, nutrients and dietary patterns to the aetiology of major diet-related diseases.
3 – Discuss the role of diet in management and prevention of various diseases.
4 – Discuss various methods of nutritional assessment in the context of different disease states.
5 – Understand and compile therapeutic diets for various diseases states.

Global Learning Outcomes
• Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities
• Self-management
• Critical thinking
• Digital literacy
• Communication
• Teamwork

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