HNUT40150 Nutritional Assessment

HNUT40150 Nutritional Assessment

HNUT40150 Nutritional Assessment 150 150 Peter

HNUT40150 Nutritional Assessment

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module is intended to provide an understanding of the concepts and techniques of nutritional assessment and how they are applied in population health and research. It will cover topics such as dietary intake assessment methodology, body composition techniques and the role of biochemistry in nutritional assessment. Students will be given both the theoretical background and practical application of such techniques with relation to human nutrition research and assessment.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module you wil; Understand techniques used in nutritional assessment, including dietary intake, body composition and biochemical analysis. Have knowledge of their use in nutrition research and public health policies.

Indicative Module Content:

This module is split into 3 sections:
• Food Intake
• Body Composition
• Energy Expenditure

The lecture topics covered include:
Dietary intake assessment
• Why measure someones diet?
• How to measure someones diet
• What do we do with dietary information
• Dietary data – data full of mistakes
Energy Expenditure
• Energy Expenditure Introduction
• How to measure energy expenditure 1
• How to measure energy expenditure 2
Body composition
• Body composition – introduction
• Body composition – methods 1
• Body composition – methods 2

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