HNUT40100 Food Regulatory Affairs (O/L)

HNUT40100 Food Regulatory Affairs (O/L)

HNUT40100 Food Regulatory Affairs (O/L) 150 150 Peter

HNUT40100 Food Regulatory Affairs (O/L)

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module is for students taking the Graduate Diploma or MSc in Food, Nutrition and Health.

Food Regulatory Affairs is an interdisciplinary subject that integrates science, law and policy as they apply to the regulation of the food chain from farm to fork. In this module, you will study the role of European Union (EU) institutions in the development of food regulation, the evolution of the EU approach to food regulation from the early days of “recipe law” and mutual recognition, to the present focus on consumer protection. The role of international organisations with a food regulatory remit will be studied including Codex, WHO, WTO FAO. The development of a risk-based approach to food safety underpinned by science, and current regulatory issues fraud and adulteration, food additives and contaminants, legislation on food information for consumers, nutrition and health claims, and food hygiene will be explored.

The module will be delivered online through UCD Brightspace and will consist of:
• Online lectures, videos and audio presentations
• Asynchronous and synchronous discussion
• Autonomous learning
• Written Assignments
• Case Studies

Students are not required to attend lectures at the UCD campus as part of the course. Students are expected to spend a total 125 hours workload during the trimester consisting of:
• Online Lecture sets 24h
• Asynchronous and synchronous discussion 6h
• Autonomous learning 65h
• Written assignments 30h

How will student be assessed?
Continuous assessment 100% consisting of two critical reviews one of which may take the form of a Powerpoint Presentation

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