HNUT40060 Introduction to Nutrition

HNUT40060 Introduction to Nutrition

HNUT40060 Introduction to Nutrition 150 150 Peter

HNUT40060 Introduction to Nutrition

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module is for students taking the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or MSc in Food, Nutrition and Health.
This module is intended to provide an understanding of the role of food and nutrition in health. The topics covered will include: nutrient requirements and food-based dietary guidelines, the concepts of energy and nutrient balance; over- and under-nutrition and food choice. Students will be introduced to some of the evidence relating nutrients, diet and other lifestyle-related factors to health and chronic disease prevention.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module you will:
– Understand nutrient requirements in health and the scientific principles of food-based dietary guidelines.
– Have comprehensive knowledge of core concepts of both energy and nutrient balance.
– Be able to critically evaluate the evidence for some of the key factors which influence food and nutrient intake and the associated health consequences.

Indicative Module Content:

The module will be delivered through the UCD Brightspace system and will consist of:
• Audio/video/PPT lectures
• Written learning materials
• Live online classrooms

Expected Commitment
Students are not required to attend lectures at the UCD campus as part of the course. Students are expected to spend a total 125 hours workload during the semester consisting of:
• Lectures (audio) during the semester:
• Discussion threads/synchronous chats/MCQs
• Autonomous learning:
• Exams

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