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Assignment for week 1: Prepare an essay of 500-700 words describing the health system that you have selected. Make certain to use APA format, including an introduction and conclusion in your essay. Describe the health system, the history, and developmental phases of the organization. Include the number and types of people who work in this system, for example, the number of employees and the number of patients served. What are the mission, vision, and values of your system? How are these things demonstrated to their clients and the community?” How is the health system evaluated, and what standards are they measured against? ORGANIZATION CHOSEN IS GI CENTER. THAT PROVIDES COLON CANCER SCREENING. THE GI CENTER WAS PREVIOUSLY OWNED BY A GROUP OF PHYSICIANS BUT IS NOW A PART OF A LARGER HOSPITAL ORGANIZATION SYSTEM.

Sample Answer

Health System

Your GI Center is an organization purposely helping people eliminate digestive system issues, including colon cancer screening. The health system was formed in 1995 by a group of physicians led by Dr. Nizam Meah to provide comfortable, accessible, and compassionate care for digestive system issues (Your GI Center, 2021). The organization was started with four main goals of educating the public on colon and digestive health, ensuring the patients make informed decisions, preventing colorectal cancer cases within society, and providing pain-free and comfortable services at affordable cost. The organization is located in Pearland, Friendswood, Lake Jackson, and Bay City in Texas. The organization also covers other areas within the region due to the digitization of communication for extensive reach. The organization started as a team of physicians, later joined by other physicians to form a robust GI health system but is now part of a more extensive hospital organization system.

The organization has various types of staff working to ensure quality care. The healthcare professionals include the gastrointestinal physicians, NPs, and nurses from the primary members of the organizational staff. The organization’s employees are estimated to be over 100 considering the numerous branches and services and offering services to thousands of patients across Texas. The professionals offer therapeutic colonoscopy using an endoscope in treating ailments such as polyps, bleeding, or structures. The team provides colon cancer screening in preventing cancerous infections and early control. Other services provided by the organization include esophagogastroduodenoscopy, sigmoidoscopies, and esophagoscopy.

The organization’s mission is to improve the health of the people within the community through prevention, education, and equitable access to quality healthcare services. The organization’s vision is to be a leader in gastrointestinal care in the United States by offering quality and affordable care. The core values of the organization are honesty, quality care, and organizational excellence.

Your GI Center demonstrates the values, mission, and vision to the community through various activities within the community. The organization ensures that the patients are handled by physicians and experts in gastrointestinal care, which effectively confirms their desire to maintain safe and high-quality care.  According to Samiedaluie & Verter (2019), job specialization in the healthcare system is largely associated with improved quality of care and patient satisfaction. The healthcare providers have solely focused on gastrointestinal care, thus proving the quality of services. The organization also conducts community screening and educational services that are key in informing the community in preventing chronicity on GI complications and observing healthy practices. The community-based activities create awareness and healthcare services, thus actualizing the mission and vision of increasing access to GI care and engaging in preventive measures to reduce the prevalence of GI complications and chronicity.

The health system is evaluated on various measures to ensure conformity to the healthcare standards. The organization is evaluated on the quality of services which is based on numerous aspects. The organization measures the effectiveness of the healthcare services to GI patients by taking data on the rates of readmissions to the healthcare organization. According to Friebel & Steventon (2019), readmissions are associated with poor quality of care. Another measure is the safety of care measured through harms to the patients during the care processes. The organization evaluates the safety of care and practices regularly. The organization’s quality evaluation is benchmarked from the national measures of the particular measures of readmissions, mortality, and safety of care, among others.