Health Policy Issues

Health Policy Issues

Health Policy Issues 150 150 Peter

Health Policy Issues


Assignment: Issue Description

Directions:  Identify a health policy issue that is of interest to you. A list is posted in the WIKI sign up.  You may choose a topic from this list, but feel free to identify a different issue of your choosing.  If you do decide to identify a different issue ,  it should be a current issue, one for which government action (i.e., legislation, regulations or judicial action) has been proposed or is currently being considered.  Please email your faculty  your proposed topic for approval.

To prepare for Session 1:

Directions: In no more than 3 minutes, discuss the health policy issue or issues you are considering as the focus for your written work in the course. This is an opportunity to think through your topic and to receive feedback from the instructors and your colleagues. Please also be prepared to provide feedback to your colleagues about their possible topics.

To indicate which issue you are choosing:

· Please sign up by the end of Weekly Session 3 on the Issue Sign-Up Wiki.

· You can find the Wiki linked in Weekly Session 3 or on the Main Course Menu.

. During our final WebEx session, you will give a brief presentation of your issue.

. You can choose from different dates/times. If you choose a topic that someone else has already chosen, all we ask is that you sign up for a different session to avoid duplication.

Provide an explanation of the issue:  

· What is the issue?  Why is it important? Why is it of interest to you? (If it’s not of interest, choose a different topic!)

· What has been proposed or attempted to address the problem, and by whom?

· Focus on the issue. (If you identify a specific bill addressing the issue, you can cite and discuss it, but don’t focus only on the bill—focus on the issue).

· Your paper should be no more than 3-4 pages of text, double-spaced and written according to APA format. (For this assignment, you do not need to include an abstract).

· Include at least three sources. These do not need to be peer-reviewed journal articles, but they should come from an authoritative source. (Please do not cite Wikipedia, a personal blog or a social media post).

· This paper should serve as a starting point for your final paper.

· Don’t worry if you don’t know yet about the policy process—i.e., about the workings of legislation, regulation, or court decisions. That will come later. For now, focus on the issue.



Assignment: Hearing Summary

Directions:  This assignment is to “observe” a virtual or recorded hearing related to your paper topic and to submit a brief  summary of what you observed and learned.

· Although Congressional and state legislative committees may not be holding face-to-face hearings right now, at least not as frequently as usual, almost all are holding virtual hearings. In addition, C-SPAN is a rich source of past congressional hearings. Many states also have web-based archives of their legislative hearings. Many recorded hearings can also be found on YouTube. (We will post a list of resources–but don’t feel limited to those).

· This assignment is to “observe” a virtual or recorded hearing or other public meeting and to submit a summary (of no more than 2 pages) of what you observed and learned. The topic of the hearing should be related to your paper topic. The hearing does not need to be a current one—depending on the issue, you may find a hearing from previous years that is relevant to your issue. This may take a little digging, but it really should not be difficult to find. However, if you are having a hard time finding a relevant hearing, let us know.

In your summary:

· Identify the committee or other body that held the hearing and the date of the hearing.

. What was the subject of the hearing?

. Was it about a specific bill or a broader topic?

. Who spoke at the hearing?

. Were there witnesses who testified?

. Who were they? (If this was a very lengthy hearing, you can identify some of the major speakers/witnesses).

. Were they providing expert testimony or speaking on behalf of a specific organization?

. What did you learn about the topic by viewing this hearing?



Assignment: Policy Paper Draft

Directions:  For this assignment, you will develop a policy paper on the issue on which you have been focusing this semester. Approach this paper as if it will circulate to the leaders of major nursing organizations, who are considering what position to take on your issue. Your paper should inform  readers  of the issue and its significance, proposals to address the issue, and your recommendations — what you believe should be done about the issue.

· You can and should build on what you’ve learned so far about the issue through your Issue Description and Hearing Summary.

· The paper should be 5-7 pages, written in APA format, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins. (Be sure to include a title page, abstract, and a list of references–these do not count toward the 5-7 pages).

A draft of the paper is due by the end of  Session 9.  You will receive feedback from the instructors and a classmate , which you can incorporate when you revise your paper . This  draft  is worth 12.5 % of your grade—so you want to make this as much of a finished product as possible.  (The final paper  is due  by the end of Session 13).

Include the following: 

· Issue Description

. Describe the issue, its background, and why people are—or should be—concerned about it. You can incorporate content from your Issue Description assignment.

· Proposals to Address the Issue

. What proposals have been put forward to address this issue? Who has proposed them? Who –which interest groups or other stakeholders—support or oppose these proposals? What, if any, evidence do they give for their positions? If there are several proposals, or several stakeholders support ing or opposing them, focus on the major ones.

· Recommendations

. Based on what you know about the issue and about proposals to address it, what do you think should be done? What should nursing organizations support, and why?

. You might agree with a proposal that has already been made, or you might suggest something else, such as a combination of different proposals. (Of course, this depends on the issue, the evidence, and your perspectives).

· References

. Include a minimum of 5 references from authoritative sources—these might include peer-reviewed journal articles, government reports, white papers, reliable newspaper articles, etc. They do not include Wikipedia, personal blogs, or social media posts.

· You may also include a brief Introduction and Conclusion if that helps you in organizing the paper.

· Submit your draft paper via the Turnitin Submission Link Below.  



Assignment: Peer Review of Paper Draft

Directions: For this assignment, you will read and review a colleague’s draft paper and provide feedback. The instructors will randomly match each student with another and post in this space. You will each email a copy of your paper to your partner, then review your partner’s paper and use  this form this form – Alternative Formats to provide feedback. Email your form to your partner and copy your instructor on the emai:  Please use this opportunity to provide constructive feedback!

Note:  Your assignment  must be uploaded to the gradebook  The email copy does not serve as assignment submission and will not be graded.



Assignment: Final Paper

Directions:  Based on the feedback you have received from the instructor and from your peer review, revise your draft paper.

· The revisions you make might be substantial or relatively minor—that depends in large part on what you believe is necessary to improve the paper. (Keep in mind that even the best writers always have room to improve).

· Otherwise, the directions for this paper are identical to those for the draft.

· The grading rubric is also the same.