Health Policy Issue

Health Policy Issue

Health Policy Issue 150 150 Peter

Health Policy Issue

Based on insights that you have gained throughout this course and the Learning Resources from this week, complete the following in 300-400 words:

Describe what you think is the most pertinent health policy issue with the potential to transform the way health care is delivered.
Provide a rationale for implementation of a policy brief from a legal, ethical, and operational perspective.
Be specific and provide examples.

Sample Paper

Healthcare Policy

One of the most pertinent health policies is the issue of patient care policy. Patient care policy has been in place since the initiation of healthcare. All along with the evolution of healthcare, patient care has improved over time. However, as much as all policies might now work, patient care must be put into place in accordance with the different functions of the healthcare setting. A patient policy of care has to be enhanced regardless of the facility, may it be a small podiatry practice or even a rehab center; these factors have to be considered and, in the same sense, attend to patient needs with ease and caution. Regarding patient care policies, some measures ensure effective policies and mandate specific procedures based on the type of care being administered (Ruben et al., 2017). Therefore, it is evident that in every healthcare setting, the first step with a patient is to ensure patient care policies are involved through dialogue relating to a specific treatment to be administered. However, it is keen to note that any error in a medical setting has different ethical concerns and legal concerns. Therefore, in enhancing patient care policy, it is important to be proactive rather than reactive in one approach.

There can be legal concerns in areas where caution is not taken in health. For instance, in a case where a patient suffers injury or other illnesses due to injury, the doctor involved can be charged and prosecuted based on negligence resulting in the patient’s injury. On the other hand, a legal course might be taken when a professional engages in unequal healthcare services to the patients and has suffered under their watch (Ruben et al., 2017). On the other hand, patient care matters come hand in hand with ethical considerations such as cases of doctors and patients’ confidentiality. Such cases may be treated as abuse to the patient, and thus, the physician can be charged for the same. Finally, different factors have to be factored in when it comes to patient care policy relating to operational perspective. For instance, access to better and faster healthcare services necessitates the need for holistic process management that enhances the better outcome of the patients and thus a better step in promoting patient care policies.



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