Hazardous Waste Categories

Hazardous Waste Categories

Hazardous Waste Categories 150 150 Peter

Hazardous Waste Categories

This assignment is designed to familiarize you with the physical, chemical, and hazardous properties that are used to properly classify hazardous wastes. The management and disposal of hazardous wastes depends on which category the hazardous waste is assigned. Some wastes are neutralized; others are incinerated or solidified. Properly classifying a hazardous waste ensures that the waste is compatible with allowable treatment technologies available for each class of hazardous waste, and it helps to ensure that workers will not be harmed when treating a misclassified waste.

Your assignment is to answer the following questions on hazardous waste in two parts.

Part A

Describe the different categories of hazardous waste that can be found in homes and residential buildings. Explain this using a table listing the properties that make each category hazardous. Based on the hazardous properties, propose your idea on how these wastes should be stored while waiting for periodic collection by the local community.

Part B

For a comparison between residential and industrial generators, what are four examples of hazardous wastes that are generated in a vehicle maintenance facility? Explain using a table to list the properties that make each category hazardous. For each hazardous waste identified, in your opinion, what are the biggest concerns that need to be addressed when the wastes are in storage for collection by a waste hauler?

Your essay should be a minimum of two pages not counting your reference page. Ensure you include an introduction. Use at least two outside sources (e.g., EPA website) besides your textbook. Please ensure that all outside sources, including your textbook, are cited and referenced using correct APA-style formatting. You should combine Part A and Part B into one document for submission to the instructor.