Global and National Awareness

Global and National Awareness

Global and National Awareness 150 150 Peter

Global and National Awareness

The purpose of this assignment is to articulate a connection between the National and Global Perspectives general education outcome and the content viewed or read for class.
Global and National Awareness is the ability to integrate, interpret, and analyze intercultural experiences with consideration of other worldviews.

We learned about Grit and how to have a growth mindset and how they all connect to resilience

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Global and National Awareness

Global and national awareness set the framework for increasing students’ competence on civil rights and duties locally and globally. It entails understanding, respecting, and working effectively with people from diverse backgrounds to enhance social success. Global and national awareness create global citizens who are open and dedicated to peacefully work and interact with people from other countries. This paper articulates general education’s national and global perspectives with the class content.

Global and national perspectives on general education entail recognizing and respecting the differences between local and international society. It thus creates an open and flexible community that is cognizant of current trends in the global community (De Wit & Altbach, 2021). This is connected to the class concepts and ideas. We expounded on grit, personality, and the need to have a growth mindset. A growth mindset increases an individual’s ability and desire to explore more by signing up to new ideas and beliefs. Individuals with a growth mindset are willing to subscribe to changes that are being initiated. Grit and growth-minded are thus critical in promoting global and national awareness. These perspectives increase an individual’s resilience which is necessary to cope with the adversities present in the global community. This is due to the multidimensional aspect of resilience that spearheads a person’s ability to interact with homogeneous and heterogeneous cultures effectively.

Global and national general education call for integrating culture and competence into the heart of education. This includes an increased ability to engage with others meaningfully by placing social justice, political and historical context, thus initiating transformative learning to enhance intercultural relationships (De Wit & Altbach, 2021). Furthermore, the transformation aims to increase the student’s competence in the world’s reality, including the significance of global unity by maintaining a sense of integrity despite conflicting cultural views. This concurs with the class discussion on grit which increases an individual’s ability to adapt to the diverse cultural components. The existing differences are thus seen as a compliment that encourages the creation of solid links to achieve common goals.

Global and national awareness general education increase students’ engagement in real-world issues and activities. It increases cross-cultural understanding, which encourages appreciation of the local identity while respecting other’s cultures. General education is also vital in increasing knowledge of the existence and causes of global inequalities and injustices (De Wit & Altbach, 2021). This challenges the learners to participate in global issues that may promote positive change. For instance, during the class, a growth mindset was presented as an opportunity to diversify our thoughts and knowledge by learning and interacting with others. A growth mindset empowers individuals to explore the global differences and capitalize on setbacks that may inhibit the international relationship. This type of thinking thus challenges one to accept the prevalent global challenges and adopt relevant interventions to address them.


Global and national awareness is the epitome of successful interaction among diverse cultures. It increases an individual’s competence and knowledge on the effectiveness of global relationships based on understanding and respect for each other. Awareness is critical in addressing the world’s gaps and complimenting each other. It ensures that all parties benefit from each other regardless of the prevailing differences. It also increases individuals’ willingness and desire to learn more about new cultures and beliefs. Grit personality and growth thinking mindset support the global and national awareness initiatives. They increase individuals’ adaptability and resilience to different cultural perspectives, thus supporting the transformative goals of global general education.


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