(Answered) Geopolitics Paper

(Answered) Geopolitics Paper

(Answered) Geopolitics Paper 150 150 Prisc

Geopolitics Paper

Based on same definition in previous essay (The theory related to Earnest Renan), please describe how SINGAPORE can be considered a “nation as product”. Please go straight into the essay without introducing the definition of “nation as product”.

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For one, Singapore can be considered a “nation as product” following its current excellent economic growth. 4This has been facilitated by the nation’s fact of affording one of the globe’s most business-friendly regulatory based environments for the local entrepreneurs and being rated among the world’s most viable economies. It’s a fact that Singapore ranks as the best nation globally in terms of human capital development. This has allowed the nation’s economy to grow. When the human capital rises in areas like science, management and education, it leads to rises in innovation, equality, social well-being, increased efficiency, enhanced rates of contribution, all of which give economic growth. It has been projected that as a result of this economic growth, kids born today in Singapore will be roughly 88 per cent as productive. At the same time, they grow up as if they relished comprehensive education and health.

3Secondly, Singapore can be considered a “nation as product” following its current investment in Nation-Corporation. Singapore’s leaders have long held that their country must make itself extremely convenient for the multinational corporations to complete business with and in, and as a result, it has thrived famously though its people drive established their equality, freeness and are in a position of leading themselves. Its past story reveals of a nation with almost no natural resources to form economic advantages with influence far beyond its so-called religion, this representing a case for what might happen whenever a government assumes instrumental situation in managing and shaping economic. But now, it has the guts to attain its avowed objective of being a “developed nation” with its great measure of home-grown technology and commerce and more open culture than it ever displayed in the past.

Thirdly, Singapore has adopted the new business practice, a process known as innovation. Goods and services in Singapore are being produced based on user wants, research applied, and engineering experience. In innovation, users of goods and services are involved actively in decision making. This helps the entire community to give their views and opinions on the nature of goods and services they require. 2Through the active participation of users and advanced technology, producers can create goods and services according to the user’s expectations. New users of a particular product get involved during the innovation process, which allows them to give their taste and preference of a specific product. During the innovation process, people’s beliefs and values are put into consideration.

1Besides, Singapore is considered a “nation as product” due to the maintenance of culture. Culture in Singapore is currently shaped by values that include: openness, self-determination and multiculturalism. Through these values, Singapore shares a common culture on how they speak, shared values and a common goal to maintain peace and unity in the nation. Many people love residing in Singapore due to these core values. Due to multiculturalism, newcomers in Singapore can adjust quickly. Then feel free to walk anywhere and practice their culture without being biased. Singapore has mainly been influenced by the British style and has a lot of western ties. Singapore society is also based on the ideology of racial and religious harmony. The family has considered a basic unit of unity, and respect for elders is of great significance. Singapore values group interaction rather than individualism, and social cooperation is firmly observed.v