Future Nursing Theory

Future Nursing Theory

Future Nursing Theory 150 150 Peter

Future Nursing Theory

For this reflection, submit your answers to the questions below and include the references as indicated.

This Reflective Journal will discuss the future of nursing theory, your current practice environment, and how to best use theory in the future of nursing. My current practice is on a Progressive Care Unit at a local Magnet hospital.

The formatting must follow APA guidelines.

Use the following headings:


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Nursing Theory Future

In the opinion of the student, what is the future of nursing theory? No reference is required (address self in the 3rd person).

Current Practice & Theorist

Describe your current practice environment (Magnet or Non-Magnet facility? ) Which nursing theory is utilized in your practice setting? If no theory is known, which theory would you recommend? Briefly describe the theory with a reference.

Teaching Importance

What is the student’s recommendation for teaching nurses about the importance of theory in practice? No reference is required.


This Reflective Journal should be at least five paragraphs along with one reference in the reference list.


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Sample Paper

Future Nursing Theory

There is increasing complexity in nursing, with a high demand for nurses to make informed decisions that promotes quality care. Nursing theory has been critical in guiding nursing decisions and practices. The advancements and trends being experienced in nursing care predict a future where the nursing theory will gain more popularity, forming a critical element in nursing care. This paper reflects on the future of nursing by exploring the best way to use nursing theory in the future of nursing.

Nursing Theory Future

The nursing theory will create a framework for the professionals to expand their practice knowledge by addressing specific concepts in a specialty area. It will focus on specific nursing phenomena, reflecting on clinical practices that are limited to a specific population. The scope of the nursing theory in the future will put more emphasis on inter-professional collaboration, where the healthcare team will be encouraged to create a multidisciplinary caring team to address different caring issues such as burnout, staff shortage, and commitment to preventable mistakes. Finally, the nursing theory will be integrated with technology and nursing informatics, which will shape the nursing practice making it more informed at all facets.

Current Practice and Theorist

            I am currently working in the Progressive Care Unit at a local Magnet hospital. This working environment creates a culture to achieve the best patient outcome by increasing nurses’ engagement in patient care. In this working environment, I monitor and assess patients’ health conditions and adopt appropriate caring decisions to improve the health outcome. This is done by monitoring vital signs and detecting changes in patient behaviors.

I would recommend Neuman’s System Model in my practice setting. The theory provides a holistic and system-based approach to monitor and respond effectively to the patient’s health condition. The theory sets a framework for nurses to achieve a higher degree of wellness by adopting interventions that prevent disease progression (Hannoodee & Dhamoon, 2021). Therefore, Progressive Care Unit professionals will assist the patients, families, and groups in maintaining a maximum level of wellness.

Teaching Importance

            Teaching nurses about the importance of nursing theory will form the basis for improving the quality of care. Nurses will develop relevant knowledge and skills critical to promoting positive health outcomes. It will also increase the professional’s ability to respond to complex health conditions effectively. In addition, teaching nursing theory is critical in advancing the profession since it diversifies the professionals’ thoughts and beliefs in the caring environment.


Nursing theory has had a significant impact on the advancement of the nursing profession. Most healthcare practices have been using nursing theories to guide nurses’ decisions and practice. The future of nursing theory can be attributed to the current trends and changes in healthcare. It is expected that more healthcare organizations will adopt theory to guide patient care. Therefore, it is essential to teach nurses the importance of nursing theory to increase the competence of the professionals in providing patient-centered care.


Hannoodee, S., & Dhamoon, A. S. (2021). Nursing Neuman systems model. StatPearls [Internet]. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK560658/